27 up, 27 down, 30 years ago

There is an ebb and flow to the tides of drama and tension in a baseball game. Any game, whether it is a Little League contest with nervous combatants in ill-fitting baseball pants or a college twin bill on a windy afternoon in April, with a postseason berth on the line.

And then there is the ebb and flow in the Major League game -- in innings, in games, over series, and throughout weeks and months as the season meanders from spring into summer and from summer to fall.

And once in a while, the game provides its participants and fans with a tension that builds and recedes, inning-by-inning, out-by-out, pitch-by-pitch and seemingly beat-by-beat in their hearts. For a man now in his 50s and passing along his craft as an assistant coach for Notre Dame Baseball, May 15, 1981, was one of those times. He was on the mound hurling a gem for the Cleveland Indians on a chilly night at Cleveland Stadium when Len Barker and his powerful right arm controlled the ebb and flow of seemingly every moment for two hours and nine minutes…

…in a perfect game which still resonates in the memories of Tribe fans and fuels the excitement of a new generation of players. 

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