Help Save Student Financial Aid

We are facing critical times for federal student aid programs, as Congress's Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction, the "Super Committee," is facing a Nov. 23, 2011, deadline to reach an agreement on cutting the federal budget deficit by $1.2 trillion.

Student financial aid has already been cut by more than $30 billion in paying down the deficit in prior reconciliation bills and the Budget Control Act, and is in danger of further cuts. 

Approximately 50 percent of our currently enrolled students receive a federally funded Pell Grant of up to $5,550 each year. These are the students who would be most affected by further cuts, though practically all of our students will be affected to some extent as 98 percent are dependent on some form of financial aid.

If America is to sustain its economic and social vitality and we are to remain true to our mission, we must educate all of our citizens - including those most in need of financial assistance.

Notre Dame College and the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) are asking for your assistance in saving Pell Grants and student aid from additional potential cuts.

The Student Aid Alliance, the higher education coalition of NAICU and 61 other higher education associations, has developed a petition in support of federal student aid, which will be sent to Capitol Hill. The goal is to saturate all campuses nationwide to secure thousands of signatures in support of our cause.

The petition is simple to complete and can be found at http://action.studentaidalliance.org/5371/save-student-aid-statement. Please take a few minutes to weigh in on this critically important and time-sensitive matter.

Thank you for your efforts in support of the petition.