The 2011 President's Lecture discusses religions' quest for monotheism.

Professor Traces Religions’ Quest for Monotheism

The underlying mission Notre Dame College’s Abrahamic Center is the conviction that Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Religious persecution, mass genocide and terrorism, however, are often perpetrated in the name of religion, despite the similarities between the three faiths and their potential for collaboration. One professor at NDC has now studied these similarities and how each of the Abrahamic traditions has come to embrace monotheism.  

Sr. Karita Ivancic will present her findings in the College’s 2011 President’s Lecture on Tuesday, March 22. Her presentation entitled “One God, Three Quests: The Journey of Jews, Christians and Muslims Toward Monotheism” explores how each of the Abrahamic traditions came to embrace monotheism and traces the unique quest for the One God undertaken by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Sr. Karita Ivancic is Notre Dame's 2011 President's Lecturer.
Sr. Karita Ivancic is Notre Dame's 2011 President's Lecturer.

The talk also focuses on five characteristics of the One God affirmed by each branch of Abraham’s religious family. The God who emerges is an ineffable, benevolent, Self-revealing, living – even “personal” – Being who has definite expectations of men and women.

“I learned through my research that the three Abrahamic families each came to know the One God by long and arduous paths, and that it is important to understand the unique journey of each religion to appreciate their common discovery of the One God,” Sr. Karita said. “I found it quite amazing that the portrait of God in each tradition is strikingly similar, despite the divergent paths of the quest.”

Sr. Karita Ivancic’s paper was chosen from five submissions, which underwent a blind review and were judged by Dr. Sheila E. McGinn of John Carroll University and Sr. Mary Louise Trivison, SND, professor emerita of Notre Dame College. Her presentation will begin in the College’s Great Room around 7 p.m.

Notre Dame College President Dr. Andrew P. Roth instituted the President’s Lecture Series in 2008 as an ongoing venue for the College’s faculty to share with one another and the students the faculty’s scholarly activity. Each spring, faculty members are invited to deliver a presentation about a topic in their current research or of enduring professional interest to them. 

The event is by invitation only, but members of the media are welcome to attend. Notre Dame College is located at 4545 College Road in South Euclid. For further information and media inquiries, contact Brian Johnston, chief communications officer, at 216.373.5252 or bjohnston@ndc.edu.