NDC Students to Benefit From Free Online Tutoring Services

Notre Dame College has joined 42 other Ohio universities and colleges as a member of the eTutoring Collaborative, the largest free online tutoring collaborative in the country. Beginning Sept. 4, NDC students will have access to online tutoring services at no additional cost.

The new service will be available in addition to face-to-face tutoring in the Dwyer Learning Center. It allows students to interact with tutors while away from campus and outside of the Center’s regular business hours.

The students will have access to eTutoring in math, accounting, anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, statistics, and writing. Additional academic disciplines will be implemented as the program expands.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to be part of this collaborative,” said Jeanne Christian, director of the Dwyer Learning Center. “It is a win/win for all of the institutions involved.”

At www.etutoring.org, students can access help in several ways. They can use the “Offline Questions” to leave a specific question for a tutor who will respond within 48 hours; they can meet a tutor in an interactive, online session through “eChat”; and they can submit a draft of a paper to the “Online Writing Lab” and receive feedback on their work.

Throughout the week, students can receive real-time online tutoring sessions. Utilizing a camera, microphone and whiteboard, tutors from participating institutions assist students as they work through their mathematical or science concepts, for example. Students can also post questions that do not require immediate answers.

Writing students can utilize the eTutoring platform by uploading papers for review. Papers, written for any undergraduate course, may be reviewed by trained tutors from any of the participating colleges and universities, who make suggestions to writers, pointing out areas for improvement. Grammar questions may also be posted.

A clearinghouse of electronic academic resources is available when students access the eTutoring website via the student’s home university page. Hours of availability vary but generally tutors are available from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days per week.

Beginning this academic year, all public and private institutions of higher learning in the state are invited to join the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, free of charge to the university and the students. Previously members paid an annual fee to join. Under the new arrangement, eStudent Services, a consortium of OH-Tech, will underwrite the annual fee for all interested public and private institutions. 

“We have in Ohio one of the strongest collaborative teams of higher education institutions in the country – all working together to help students complete their degrees,” said Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro. “In an effort to better meet the needs of students, we are proud to offer this expanded eTutoring service for students across the state and welcome the institutions that choose to take advantage of this service.”

Select this link for more information about the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative.

For more information about on-campus tutoring services in Notre Dame College’s Dwyer Learning Center, visit www.NotreDameCollege.edu/resources-and-services/dwyer-learning-center.