Weather Emergency Plan for 2011-12

Weather Emergency Plan for 2011-12

As winter season is approaching, please make note of the following weather emergency plan.

Notre Dame College will close only in the event of extreme weather conditions; decisions to delay or close are made based on short and long-term meteorological reports.

Recognizing that some students and employees live a significant distance from campus, use your best judgment in deciding whether or not it is safe to drive to campus.

Faculty: If the College remains open, but you find you are unable to make it to campus, it is imperative you reach out to all students in your class(es) as soon as you possibly can. You can accomplish this by posting a message on your Moodle site by either clicking on “Add a new topic...” in the "Latest News" section on the upper right side of the course home page, OR clicking on “News Forum” in the "Start Here" section in the upper center area of the course home page. Messages posted in either of these sections will appear in both areas and are automatically sent via e-mail to each course participant. This will prevent students from driving to campus only to discover their class(es) are not meeting. The Office of Academic Affairs is not able to notify students for you.

Students: If the College remains open, you are encouraged to check the Moodle site for your class(es) to see if there is a message from any faculty member who cannot make it to campus. If there are no messages from faculty, but you find you are unable to make it to campus, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with faculty concerning work missed.

Staff: If the College remains open, but you find you are unable to make it to campus, it is imperative you notify your supervisor.

When poor weather conditions develop overnight, the College will strive to make a decision by 6:30 a.m. Decisions about evening classes and events will generally be made no later than 3 p.m.

When classes are delayed or the College is closed, announcements will be made on major local TV stations and their websites (including Channels 3, 5, 8, 19 and 43) and ClearChannel radio stations. Notification will also be posted prominently on the College homepage.

Channel 3 (WKYC and WKYC.com) provides free mobile text alerts. In the event of a delay or closing, once you sign up for this service, you will receive a text message notification. To sign up for this free service, click the following link:  http://my.textcaster.com/ServePopup.aspx?id=1075. Other media outlets provide similar services.