Grads Intern with Sisters in India

Recent graduates Donovan Maben and Thomas McKrill along with Assistant Professor of International Business Stephen Hotchkiss embarked on the first international student internship in Notre Dame College’s International Business program on May 22. They are guests of the Sisters of Notre Dame at their Sophia High School in Bangalore, India.

To fulfill their degree requirements, the students will spend four weeks in the business offices of the school complex, which educates 3,000 students in grades K through 12. They will also tour Bangalore, Delhi, Agra and Jaipor to become more familiar with Indian culture and daily living.

The students and professor Hotchkiss are blogging about their experiences at

Prior to departure, the students engaged in an orientation program to familiarize them with the geography, climate, history, traditions, culture, and economic conditions of the country. The experience is designed to enrich the students’ understanding and appreciation for foreign cultures and different ways to manage and conduct business. Internship/Co-op Coordinator Lauren Marchaza is overseeing the internship content of the degree requirement. 


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