Anna Ball

The recipient of Notre Dame College’s 2015 St. Catherine of Alexandria Award is a Anna Ball who graduated with a Master of Education in computer technology. She began her professional career as assistant women’s softball coach for two seasons at Notre Dame.

Allison Merten and Mark Principi

Notre Dame College has awarded its 2015 Sr. Mary Agnes Bosche Award and its Sr. Mary LeRoy Finn Award to Allison Merten,, a nursing graduate, and Mark Principi, a graphic design graduate, respectively.

Elizabeth Presley

Notre Dame College recognized nearly 130 students with awards and named its Distinguished Faculty Award and Outstanding Teaching Award winners during the 2015 Honors Convocation.

Gambrell and Shorts

Notre Dame College presented its first Mission Awards to 2015 graduates Laurie Mae Shorts and Doniel Gambrell Jr. The honor recognizes those who have persisted through uncommon circumstances and displayed personal maturity by means their education at the College.

Notre Dame College Students Learn from Refugee, Experts in Immigration Issues

A refugee of civil war and genocide in Sudan—who started fighting there at age 9 and three years later was general to 6,000 boys—shared his story of social justice with Notre Dame College theology students.

M. Logan Johnson, Ph.D., associate professor of biology

Notre Dame College celebrated President’s List and Dean’s List recipients during a recognition ceremony in which 2014 Distinguished Faculty Member M. Logan Johnson, Ph.D., explained how hitting a brick wall, that is failing, can be a good thing.

Notre Dame College Moot Court Team to Compete in National Tournament

Four Notre Dame College students have been invited to compete in the National Moot Court Invitational April 23-25 in Chicago in only the third year of the College's program.

Glenn B. Siniscalchi

A Notre Dame College theology faculty member has built a case in Scripture to dispute some scholars who discount the physical Resurrection appearances of Jesus as simply bereavement experiences.

To accommodate the record number of graduates and their families, Notre Dame College will host two undergraduate degree ceremonies, both on Sunday, May 10. The graduate ceremony and other events are scheduled for Saturday, May 9.

Notre Dame College Student, Faculty, Visiting Fellow Presentations Highlight Wee

Notre Dame College presents its first Celebration of Scholarship Week—featuring student creative projects, faculty research and a keynote address by a renowned photographer serving as a visiting fellow—April 13-17 on campus.