NDC Supports Meadows Turkey Bowl

College’s sponsorship supports the St. Vincent  DePaul Society – Vice President Dave Armstrong & Head Football Coach Adam Howard take to the gridiron

On Thanksgiving morning, while most of us are sipping our first cup of coffee, 50 guys will gather in Mike Meadows’s Medina backyard for an 8 a.m. kickoff in what has become a long-standing holiday tradition. What started as an impromptu game involving a few friends, has grown over 23 years into an organized event with a draft, sponsors, referees, a marching band, and much more.

Notre Dame College is a corporate sponsor of the event and provides jerseys for the teams, who will enter the field through the College’s Falcon tunnel. Representing the blue and gold of Notre Dame on the field this year will be two men who know both football, food and holiday traditions: Vice President Dave Armstrong and Football Head Coach Adam Howard.

MeadowsWhen the whistle blows and the battle begins, this rugged game of 6-on-6, two-hand touch football will be filled with many plays worthy of the highlight reel, and many not so worthy. With the band playing fight songs, an announcer doing play-by-play and a trophy worthy of the Ryder Cup at stake, this is not your typical backyard football game. There is a lot more going on at this game than meets the eye.

The game that traces its history back to 1989 is now the backdrop for the single largest fund-raising event in Medina County with all proceeds benefitting the St. Vincent DePaul Society. Last year, the Meadows Turkey Bowl delivered more than $125,000 to St. Vincent DePaul, which in turn helped feed, clothe and heat the needy of Medina County.   

The money is raised by these 50 guys telling their compelling story to business owners, neighbors, family members and friends, looking for their sponsorship and support. The winners get a trophy and a year of bragging rights, all money goes directly to the charity, and incentives for donors include Indians tickets, golf outings, hotel stays, steak dinners and more.

This year, the event has an additional philanthropic component: It will provide for two $2,500 scholarships for student-athletes at Medina High School.

The Meadows Turkey Bowl has increased its donations total each year since 2005. Cumulatively, it has raised $335,800. Meadows usually sets the following year’s goal as one dollar higher than what was most recently raised. And when the tally is announced after the last player trudges off the field Thursday, the bowl game might be just shy of a half a million dollars raised over the years. That’s a remarkable achievement for a bunch of guys just working up their appetites on Thanksgiving morning.

To learn more about this great charity event, see photos and videos from the event, or make a donation, please visit www.meadowsturkeybowl.com.


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