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Notre Dame College Offers Accelerated Undergraduate, Law Degree Program

Notre Dame College now is offering undergraduates the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree and law degree in six rather than the traditional seven-plus years. The College’s new 3+3 accelerated degree program with Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law comes on the heels...

Notre Dame College Faculty Member Nurses, Educates in Faith

Notre Dame College Assistant Professor Gregory P. Knapik has answered a call not just to be nurse and nurse educator but also to service, to continue study and to spirituality in all. Knapik has worked as a mental health nurse for more than 30 years, mostly in local free clinics and state...

A 2016 Christmas Wish From Notre Dame College

President Thomas G. Kruczek, on behalf of the students, faculty and staff of Notre Dame College, extends Christmas greetings via video to the extended College family. Featured is the Notre Dame College Choir performing its Candlelight Concert in Christ the King Chapel.

Notre Dame College Celebrates Christmas with Tree Lighting, Concerts

Notre Dame College is commencing the holiday season with its traditional campus Christmas tree lighting, candelight choir concert and a Breakfast with Santa Claus. The Annual Christmas Tree Lighting celebration is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday, December 2, in the Administration Building foyer. Notre...

Notre Dame College Issues Prayer for Thanksgiving

Notre Dame College gives thanks with a prayer especially for students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College and their families—but also for the nation. With this prayer, issued by Sr. Carol Ziegler, SND., Ph.D., chief mission officer and executive director of Notre Dame's Abrahamic...

Notre Dame College Trustee Gives to Campus Enterprise Development Center

Notre Dame College has received a $100,000 gift commitment from Joseph Scaminace , a member of the its Board of Trustees, to be used for the programs and continued growth of our Enterprise Development Center, known as EDC@NDC. In announcing the gift, Scaminace conveyed his endorsement of the EDC...

Notre Dame College Students Learn Grammar through Service

Aspiring authors and educators at Notre Dame College are learning through service that grammar, particularly in their professions, is more than punctuating sentences. Because students in the EN314 Grammar for Writers and Teachers class need to be able to discuss as well as compose in proper...

Notre Dame College Faculty to Improve Diversity in Children’s Literature on National Stage

A Notre Dame College educator is leading state and national efforts to improve youth literacy by ensuring children see themselves in the books they are learning to read. Sue E. Corbin , Ph.D., assistant professor and accreditation chair for the Division of Professional Education at the College, has...

Notre Dame College Bestows Inaugural Award to Sister of Notre Dame Leading Prison Ministry

Notre Dame College will launch its tribute to the steadfast but self-effacing—saints—who serve the urban communities of Cleveland by honoring a Sister of Notre Dame dedicated to the ministry of those in prison and those affected by their offenses. The College will present its inaugural...

Notre Dame College Brings Community and Garden to Life, to Courses on Campus

Notre Dame College is connecting the sciences to community in and outside of the classroom through public garden spots, composting ops and career seminars. A new community garden, called NDC Grows, came to life at the College this fall when students planted mums and vegetable plants in 10 of the 17...



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