Performing Arts

Performing Arts

18 Credits


  • Students will effectively demonstrate performance excellence in a college-based ensemble.
  • Students will understand the history of musical/theatrical development with emphasis on contemporary trends in Music and Theatre.
  • Students will evaluate and appreciate different modes of creativity and expression from both Music and/or Theatre.

Audition/Interview with Director of specific Performing Group

Performance Requirement

  • Performing Arts Minor Students must participate in a Notre Dame College based Performing Arts Program (Band, Choir, or Theatre) during each semester of attendance.
    *Alternative approval for this requirement can be reviewed by the Director of Performing Arts.

Course Requirements

18 Credits from any of the following courses (at least 6 credits must be from Upper Biennium courses):

Music Courses

MU103, 104 General Musicianship and Theory (3-6 Credits)
MU106 Performing Groups Research (1.5-3 Credits)
MU195 Applied Music (up to 3 Credits)

**through an approved instructor/institution

MU211/212 Music History I, II (3-6 Credits)
MU213 Jazz Appreciation (3 Credits)
MU214 or MU160 Music Now and Then/Music Appreciation (3 Credits)

Theatre Courses

CA212/TR212 Oral Interpretation (3 Credits)
EN261/TR261 Drama and Theatre (3 Credits)
EN262/TR262 Modern Drama and Theatre (3 Credits)
CA2xx Improvisation (3 Credits)
CA309/TR309 Acting and Directing (3 Credits)
CA313/TR313 Event and Play Production (3 Credits)
CA305 Film Studies (3 Credits)


Performance Courses (Course level based on progression in the specific performance area)

MU#15 (Performing Groups-Band)

MU#10 (Performing Groups-Vocal Ensemble) *(Up to 3 Credits TOTAL)

MU#06 (Performing Groups-Vocal Ensemble & Theory)


TR#05 (Performing Groups-Theatre)


*MU#15/#10/#06 and TR#05, Performing Groups – Band, Choir, Theatre (Course level based on progression in the specific performance area) are all 1 credit per semester courses that can be taken every semester. The identification of “up to 3 credits” is meant to limit the application of credits taken in these courses towards the minor. While the student can earn credits in every semester they take part in a performing group, only 3 of those credits can be used towards the minor, thereby ensuring that students will gain a well-rounded experience in the other coursework offered.