English Major

Program Degree: 
Program Division: 
Program Department: 

49-51 Credits

CA 212 Oral Interpretation
EN 210 Critical Writing
EN 312 History of the English Language
EN 314 Grammar for Teachers and Writers
EN 321 Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism
EN 331 British Literature to 1700
EN 332 British Literature 1700-1900
EN 341 American Literature to 1900
EN 342 Seminar in American Literature
EN 395 or 495 Cooperative Education (1-3 cr.)
(Not needed for the Integrated Language Arts Licensure)
EN 462 Shakespeare's Histories and Tragedies
EN 480 Great Books Seminar
EN 482 English Studies (Not needed for the Integrated Language Arts Licensure)

One of the following:
EN 220 Newswriting
EN 318 Creative Writing
EN 324 Advanced Media Writing

One of the following:
EN 343 Major African American Writers
EN 459 Postcolonial Literature
EN 460 Literature of Continental Europe
EN 382 Women Writers

One of the following:
CA 305 Film Studies
CA 309 Acting and Directing
CA 313 Event/Play Production Apprenticeship

One of the following:
CA 250 Mass Communication
CA 323 Media Writing
CA 410 TV/Radio


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