Theater Minor

Program Degree: 
Program Division: 
Program Department: 

21 Credits
TR 112 Oral Interpretation
TR 261 The Drama and Theater
TR 262 Modern Drama and Theater

One of the following:
EN 461 Shakespeare’s Comedies
EN 462 Shakespeare’s Histories and Tragedies

Two of the following:
TR 309 Acting and Directing
TR 313 Event/Play Production Apprenticeship
TR 374 Presentation Techniques
TR 395/495 Cooperative Education (3 cr. max.)

One of the following:
CA 201 Interpersonal Communication
CA 305 Film Studies
CA 323 Writing for the Non-Print Media
CA 324 Writing for Publication
CA 403 Public Relations
EN 318 Creative Writing
TR 381 Women Playwrights


September 4

Drive-in Movie Night: Jurrassic World

9:30 PM
Friday September 4, 9:30pm
E.g., 09/04/15
E.g., 09/04/15