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History Major with an Intelligence Studies Emphasis

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Students may enter the Intelligence Studies program by declaring a major in History with a concentration in Intelligence Studies. Students in the Intelligence Studies program will complete the required history coursework along with coursework listed below, including a senior project and an internship. In addition, they will complete the College's General Education Requirements and round out their coursework by choosing a variety of electives from a grouping of recommended courses listed below. Students may also select a minor field of study designed to complement the Intelligence Studies program.

Program Outcomes:
Students in the Intelligence Studies program will have developed the skills and abilities described above for History majors. In addition, they will be able to write and deliver oral reports consistent with the expectations of the intelligence community, will understand the intelligence cycle and the intelligence process, and will recognize the various federal agencies that make up the national intelligence community and their respective missions.

Course Requirements:
HI 450 Senior Research Project
HI 495 Cooperative Education
IP 150 Introduction to Intelligence
IP 250 Methods of Research and Analysis
IP 253 Writing for Intelligence
IP 350 Terrorism
IP 351 Competitive Intelligence
IP 352 Methods of Financial Investigation and Research
IP 353 Intelligence and National Security
IP 452 Strategic Intelligence
IP 453 Advanced Research and Analysis

Plus 12 credits in a foreign language:
EC 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
HI 110 Western Cultures after 1500
HI 200 Major Themes in America History
PO 111 American Government and Politics
PO 311 Comparative Politics
PO 312 International Relations
PO 410 American Foreign Policy
One course in non-western history (Hi 330, 331, 332,333, 336)


The following courses are recommended but not required for students in the Intelligence Studies Program. In consultation with an academic advisor, students will select that combination of courses that best fits their interests and goals in pursuing a career in intelligence in the public or private sector. Several of the courses listed below will also satisfy the College's general education requirements.

CA 374 Presentation Techniques
CA 376 Intercultural Communication
CA 380 Organizational Communication
EC 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 305 Comparative Economic Systems
EN 318 Creative Writing
EN 323 Media Writing
EC 440 International Economics
EC 442 International Finance
EN 480 Great Books Seminar
GO 200 Introduction to Geography
HI 200 Major Themes in American History
HI 312 America Ascendant: The United States from 1914 to the Present
HI 325 The Passing of the Old Order:
Europe in the 20th Century
HI 330 Africa: A Continental History
HI 332 The Transformation of Japan: From Feudalism to Nationhood
HI 333 The Middle East: From Islam to Nationalism
HI 334 The Making of Modern China
HI 336 Latin America: A Regional History
HI 401 Historical Methodology
HI 410 American Diplomacy
IS 260 Computer Decision Making Applications
PH 200 Critical and Creative Thinking
PO 210 American Government
PO 220 Introduction to Political Thought
PO 311 Comparative Politics
PO 312 International Relations
PO 313 Public Policy in America
PO 345 Politics and the Media
PO 411 International Law
PY 200 General Psychology


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