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Political Science Major with a Criminal Justice Emphasis

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48 Credits
The concentration in Criminal Justice is a multidisciplinary program designed to prepare students for careers in corrections, law enforcement, justice administration, or any of the many career paths in this area. Students will benefit from coursework that will prepare them to be leaders in the field by stressing applied problem solving and critical reasoning skills in a fast-paced, highly competitive, and rapidly changing environment. Through completion of the core requirements of the program and various electives, students will receive a well-rounded, values-based liberal arts education that will prepare them for success in the workplace or in graduate school.

This is a program with a conscience. The curriculum is consistent with the mission of the College, and is unique among similar programs for the following reasons:

  1. Students will be made aware of the ethical principles of Catholic Social Justice teaching and its emphasis on the dignity of the human person.
  2. Students will explore current trends and issues of criminal justice as they relate to personal, professional and global responsibility.


Core Courses in Political Science:

PO 111 American Government and Politics
PO 210 State and Local Government and Politics
PO 220 Introduction to Political Thought
PO 350 Introduction to Social Science Research
PO 450 Senior Research Seminar
PO 495 Senior Practicum

Required Courses in Criminal Justice:

PO 131 American Criminal Justice
PO 235 Theory and Applied Criminology
PO 313 Public Policy in America
PO 331 Courts and Justice
PO 332 Criminal Law
PO 333 The Role of Police in Contemporary Society
PO 334 Corrections in America
PO 430 Criminal Justice Policy Analysis & Planning
PO 432 Ethics in Criminal Justice
PO 499 Victimology


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