Licensure for Adolescent to Young Adult (Gr. 7-12) and Multi-Age Education (Pre K-12)

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The Notre Dame College Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) field-based, licensure programs prepare undergraduates and post-baccalaureate candidates for teaching grades 7-12. Candidates acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to successfully meet the educational needs of 7-12 students. The State of Ohio outlines expectations for AYA candidates. Candidates complete content courses and education courses that prepare them to meet the thematic standards, the disciplinary standards and the pedagogical standards for their particular major. Candidates must pass the Praxis II Content Test for their teaching major. Candidates must pass the PLT Test for grades 7-12 with a qualifying score of 165. Ohio requires 80% of program completers to pass the Praxis.

Throughout their preparation, the candidates relate their practice to the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. The standards cluster in three categories: teaching and learning, conditions for teaching and learning, and professional work. Candidates are prepared to create effective learning experiences for a diverse student population. Ohio requires all AYA teacher candidates to complete 3 semester hours of content reading. The course helps the candidates understand the value of specific reading strategies to use in response to the literacy skills students bring to the AYA classroom. In the reading, curriculum, methods, and management classes, the candidates develop and implement a repertoire of methods and techniques to use in the AYA classroom to teach diverse learners in a myriad of educational contexts.

General Content Requirement: 
Social & Behavioral Sciences (2) 

PY 201 General Psychology

Professional Education Core (8) 
ED 202 Introduction to Education
ED 203 Field Experience for ED 202 
ED 204 Educational Psychology
ED 205 Psychology of Students with Special Needs
ED 206 Field Experience for ED 205 
ED 301 Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum
ED 358 Classroom Management 
ED 475 Issues in Education

Adolescent to Young Adult Education Core (5 courses) 
ED 335 Reading in the Content Areas 
ED 341 Curriculum Principles Pre-K - 12 
ED 342 Integrated Methods Pre-K - 12 
ED 343 Field Experience for ED 342 
ED 421 Student Teaching: Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA)

Students pursuing Adolescent/Young Adult and Multi- Age licensure must complete a major field of study AND all certification requirements of the teaching field.

Additional content credits needed for Licensure and Major: (Choose one) 
Integrated Language Arts (See English) 
Life Science (See Biology) 
Life Science and Chemistry (See Biology or Chemistry) 
Integrated Mathematics (See Mathematics) 
Integrated Social Studies (See History/Political Science) 
Spanish: Pre-K - 12 (See Modern Languages) 
Visual Art: Pre-K - 12 (See Art ) AR 360, AR 361


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