Graphic Communication

Program Degree: 
Program Division: 

48 Credits
Program Outcomes:

1. Graphic communication majors will experiment with, analyze, apply, and demonstrate an understanding of the visual communication design process using both traditional design skills and the latest computer software. A broad range of communication design and creative problem-solving skills will prepare the student for positions in graphic design, in which communication, writing and design skills are essential.

2. Graphic communication majors will develop and express their ability to communication design problems by developing a successful senior portfolio. The portfolio will display a variety of graphic design and visual communication competency with samples of written communication as well.

Art Requirements: 33 Credits 
AR 101 Drawing I 
AR 114 Introduction to Graphic Design
AR 209 Photography I
AR 221 Basic Design
AR 222 Color and Design
AR 223 Graphic Design I
AR 224 Graphic Design II
AR/IS 243 Multimedia Development
AR 300 Graphic Design III
AR 314 Impressionism to Today
AR 491 Senior Studio

Art Electives Required: 3 credits in elective AR courses.
Recommended for graphic communication majors:

AR/IS 245 Web Site Design and Development

Co-Op Requirements: 3 Credits
AR 295,
395, or 495 Cooperative Education

Communication Requirement: 3 Credits
CA 250 Mass Communications

Communication Requirements: 6 Credits
Choose 6 credits from:
CA 220 Newswriting
CA 305 Film Studies
CA 313 Event/Play Production Apprenticeship
CA 323 Writing for the Non-Print Media
CA 324 Writing for Publication
CA 374 Presentation Techniques
EN 318 Creative Writing

Graphic communication majors will receive a portfolio review after the completion of the foundation courses: AR 101, 114, 209, 221, 222, 223, 224 and 325 and before they are permitted to register for Art 491. A portfolio is required as part of the course work in Art 491 and is presented before the entire art faculty.


December 15
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Christ the King Chapel
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