Health Care Leadership/ Management in Complex Adaptive Systems

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Didactic course with three class hours/week. Exploration of leadership and management theories/ concepts applied to the role of the nurse as a leader, manager and coordinator of care. Examines concepts and theories related to negotiation, conflict management and delegation. Legal implications of documentation and delegation are emphasized. Strategies to improve cost, safety and quality of care, based on evidence-based practice, are applied within complex adaptive health care systems. Prerequisites: NR 430 for students enrolled in the BSN Pre-Licensure track. Corequisite: NR 461 for students enrolled in the BSN Pre-Licensure Track. NR 300 (or concurrent) for students enrolled in the RN to BSN Track.


May 24
4:00 AM
Thursday May 24, 4:00am
E.g., 06/24/18
E.g., 06/24/18