Biology Department

The Biology programs are offered as Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Within these programs, students can choose a concentration that meets their interests and career goals. For students choosing the Bachelor of Arts program, a choice of either the general biology or exercise science concentrations can be made. For students choosing the Bachelor of Science Program, a choice can be made between concentrations in comprehensive biology or ecology/environmental science.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students and graduates of The Department of Biology will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the core concepts of biological literacy* including evolution, structure and function, information flow and exchange, systems, and transformations of energy and matter.
  • Apply knowledge of the core concepts of biological literacy to understanding specialized areas of biology.
  • Apply the process of science.
  • Tap into the interdisciplinary nature of science.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate scientific information and ideas
  • Conduct science ethically and for the greater good.
  • Develop skills in self-learning.

* NDC Department of Biology program level objectives are aligned with the National Science Foundation and American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education. For more information on this national initiative, visit



44 Credits

BI 114, 115        General Biology I and Lab: Molecular Biology
BI 116, 117        General Biology II and Lab: Organismal Biology
BI 307               Cell and Molecular Biology and Lab
BI 481, OR 482,
OR 483             Coordinating Seminar (as dictated by concentration)
CH 118, 119      General Chemistry I and Lab
CH 120, 121      General Chemistry II and Lab
CH 211, 213      Organic Chemistry I and Lab
CH 214, 215      Organic Chemistry II and Lab
MA 221             Statistics
PS 180, 181      Basic Physics I and Lab
PS 182, 183      Basic Physics II and Lab
PS 200, 201      College Physics I and Lab
PS 202, 203      College Physics II and Lab


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