Environmental Science Major

Program Degree: 
Program Division: 
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Program Outcomes:

  • Students in the environmental science program will gain a broad perspective in the physical and life sciences as related to environmental applications and issues.
  • Coupled with an appropriate minor, graduates of this interdisciplinary program will be prepared for careers in environmental areas such as education, ecology, conservation, consulting, monitoring, communication, illustration and health sciences.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Science is designed for students who plan to seek employment in an environmentally related vocation immediately upon graduation. It is not intended to prepare the student for further graduate studies in the life or physical sciences or as preparation for medical, dental or veterinary programs.

62 Credits

BI 110, 111, 112, 113 General Biology and Lab
BI 200, 201 Environmental Science and Lab
BI 260, 261 Ecology and Lab
BI 360, 361 Microbiology and Lab
BI 322 Animal Behavior
BI 295 Cooperative Education
CH 295 Cooperative Education
CH 111, 113, 114, 115 College Chemistry and Lab
CH 211, 213 Organic Chemistry I and Lab
CH 220, 221 Earth Science and Lab
CH 308 Environmental Chemistry
CH 310, 311 Quantitative Analysis and Lab
CH 432 Coordinating Seminar
EN 220 Newswriting
MA 221 Statistics I
MA 300 Statistics II
PH 380 Bioethics*
* Fulfills ARCH and GER in Philosophy

Recommended Electives:
PY 201 General Psychology**
EC 100 Economics and Contemporary Issues**
EN 324 Writing for Publication
IS 260 Microcomputer Applications in Business
** Either course fulfills GER in Social Sciences Students are strongly encouraged to select a minor or a second major that would enhance their studies and job opportunities. Some possible minors include the following:

Minor -  Required Credits
Biology - 24 (8 additional)
Business Administration - 28
Chemistry - 28 (9 additional)
Communication - 21
Economics - 18
English - 24
Information Systems - 18
Management - 18
Marketing - 18
Mathematics - 20
Multimedia - 18
Writing - 15
Consult the catalog listing in the appropriate discipline for specific requirements.


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