Biology Minor

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24 Credits
This minor is proposed specifically for students who
have a chemistry background and may already have
requirements for certain biology courses.

BI 110, 111,
112, 113 General Biology and Lab
BI 270, 271 Cell Biology and Lab

Plus eight additional credits from the following:
BI 300, 301 Mammalian Anatomy and
Physiology I and Lab
BI 302, 303 Mammalian Anatomy and
Physiology II and Lab
BI 350 Genetics
BI 360, 361 Microbiology and Lab
BI 430 Immunology
BI 460 Endocrinology
BI 475 Advanced Cell Biology
BI 481 or 482 Coordinating Seminar
CH 305, 306 Biochemistry I and Lab
CH 405, 406 Biochemistry II and Lab


January 26
12:00 PM
Thursday January 26, 12:00pm
Great Room, 3rd floor of Adminstration Building
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