Mathematics Dept Courses

Course Credits: 3

Sets, real numbers, basic algebraic operations and polynomial arithmetic, factoring, linear equations and inequalities, rectangular coordinate systems, solution of linear systems, algebraic...

Course Credits: 3

Algebraic operations, solving equations and inequalities, lines, inequalities and their graphs, introduction to conic sections, introduction to functions, exponential and logarithmic functions,...

Course Credits: 3

Functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and their inverses, identities, equations and applications and analytic geometry. Prerequisite: MA 110 or equivalent. (...

Course Credits: 3

General preparation in mathematics for elementary educators. Set theory, problem solving strategies, pattern recognition, numeration systems, number theory, properties of and operations with...

Course Credits: 3

General preparation in mathematics for elementary educators. Geometry with emphasis on shapes and measurement, transformational geometry and symmetry, logic, counting methods, permutations and...

Course Credits: 4

Review of functions and graphs, limits and continuous functions, the derivative, differentiation of algebraic and transcendental functions, applications, anti-derivatives, definite integrals and...

Course Credits: 4

Continuation of MA 175. The definite integral, computation of anti-derivatives, techniques of integration, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, applications, introduction to convergence or...

Course Credits: 3

Introduction to mathematical modeling, usage and arithmetic of matrices, linear programming, counting techniques, probability, Markov processes and the mathematics of finance. Prerequisite: MA...

Course Credits: 3

Descriptive statistics, probability, normal and binomial distributions, sampling concepts, sampling distribution, estimation, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals and linear correlation....

Course Credits: 3

Continuation of MA 176. Sequences, series, Taylor series, multivariable calculus, analytic geometry in R3, partial derivatives, applications of the derivative, multiple

Course Credits: 3

First-order equations and applications, higher-order linear equations, linear systems, series solution of linear equations, LaPlace transform solution of linear equations and introduction to...

MA:295, 395, 495
Course Credits: 1-6

A program which enables students to receive credit for work, paid or volunteer, related to their academic studies in their major field, both to make these studies more practical and to open...

Course Credits: 3

Continuation of estimation and hypothesis testing, correlation, simple and multiple regression, inferences on variances and proportions, analysis of variance (ANOVA), nonparametric tests, index...

Course Credits: 3

Divisibility properties of integers, prime numbers, linear and quadratic congruences, Diophantine equations, special number theory functions and quadratic residue theory. Corequisite: MA 332.

Course Credits: 3

Axiomatic foundations to Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries and contemporary approaches to the study of geometry. Prerequisite: MA 120 or equivalent. (Placement test required)

Course Credits: 3

Algebra of matrices, systems of linear equations, Gauss- Jordan reduction, inverses, discriminants, eigne values, linear spaces and subspaces, spanning sets, linear independence, basis, null...

Course Credits: 3

Logic and set theory, proof techniques, relations and functions, algorithms, elementary properties of integers, counting techniques and probability. Prerequisite: MA 175 or MA 120 with...

Course Credits: 3

A study of algebra, number theory, irrational numbers, analytical geometry, the Calculus, non-Euclidean geometries and infinite sets from an historical perspective. Prerequisite: MA 120.

Course Credits: 3

Theory and techniques of numerical computation, interpolation by Lagrange and difference methods, numerical differentiation and integration and numerical solution of differential equations....

MA:391, 392
Course Credits: 1-3

Course Credits: 3

Infinite series, complex variables, vector analysis, Fourier series, curvilinear coordinates and partial differential equations. Prerequisite: MA 280.

Course Credits: 3

This course will encounter topics such as sample space, discrete and continuous probability functions, special distributions, combinatorics, random variables, expected values, moment-generating...

Course Credits: 3

Groups, rings, fields, normal subgroups, congruence, quotient groups, ideals, quotient rings, equivalence relations, abstract algebraic structures. Prerequisite:
MA 332 (or corequisite...

Course Credits: 3

Graph theory, Boolean algebras, logic, networks, structures, morphisms and finite state machines.
Prerequisite: MA 332.

Course Credits: 3

Matrix computations and solutions of linear equations, iterative solutions of systems of equations computer methods of optimization and simulations. Prerequisite: MA 280.

Course Credits: 1

Special topics in mathematics are explored in an interdisciplinary format. Preparation of a research paper for public presentation is required. No prerequisite. Taken in final semester before...

MA:491, 492
Course Credits: 1-3