It’s Only the Beginning

Some people say waking up is the hardest part of the day. Now we know why.

Today we got a glimpse of the Jacksonville sunrise as we dragged ourselves out of our sleeping bags at 6:30 a.m. After eating a rushed breakfast, we managed to arrive at HabiJax on time – to everyone’s surprise.

Another day of demolition began with a bang, literally as hammers were pounding so loud our ears were ringing. However, to our dismay demolition ended mid-day because we Notre Dame students have a knack for getting the job done quickly. The supervisors were completely thrilled that we worked so quickly, getting a three-day process done in a day and a half.

After we finished demolishing the remnants of the house, we returned back to the HabiJax headquarters to undergo training for surveying. Upon our arrival we were assigned teams and received clipboards. After an hour-long presentation about safety and proper procedures, we returned to our temporary home for lunch. We enjoyed a feast of hamburgers and salad, thanks to the excellent chefs Alicia, Amanda and Erin.

We then changed into warmer clothes and returned back to HabiJax. We broke into our teams and dispersed into the community. Unfortunately, we were surprised to discover that the neighborhoods we were surveying were in need of major changes. It was apparent that crime, violence and drugs are plaguing these neighborhoods. After completing our surveys the group felt hopeful that the unfit conditions on each block would eventually be repaired.

We then returned back to our host sight to discuss our plans for the rest of the day. Several of us wanted to visit the chocolate factory in St. Augustine, a few others wanted to go shopping in downtown Jacksonville, while the rest wanted to play football at the nearby park. So we all split up and later returned for a lovely dinner of chicken stir fry cooked by Rebecca.

In conclusion, waking up was a little rough yet we managed to have a wonderful and eventful day. What’s next you ask? Bed.

Demolition part 2: We completed a three-day project in less than two days.

Demolition part II: We completed a three-day project in less than two days.


May 26
4:30 PM
Saturday May 26, 4:30pm
Christ the King Chapel, 3rd Floor Admin Bldg.
E.g., 06/26/18
E.g., 06/26/18