Wide Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Saturday, Feb. 26, 4 a.m.:

This morning we departed from Notre Dame College for Nashville, Tenn., and then Huntsville, Ala. One of our team leaders, David, failed to fulfill his promise from the night before to bring doughnuts for the group. But he quickly redeemed himself by pulling into the closest Dunkin Doughnuts drive thru and buying two dozen glazed doughnuts, which the group proceeded to scarf down within minutes.

On our way out of South Euclid, the second van got stuck behind two snow plows, which put us behind for a little while. At the beginning of the trip everyone was excited and ready to go, but once the doughnut-induced comas set in, the only conscious ones were the drivers and co-pilots.

At 9 a.m., we made our first stop in Kentucky. The five-star McDonalds we chose to stop at was lacking one very important necessity. . . RUNNING WATER.

After driving around aimlessly searching for a gas station, we found that through rain, snow or sunshine a mailman will always be there to point you in the right direction.

After our endeavor looking for a gas station, we weren’t sure if the stop in Nashville was in our near future. Luckily, we realized our clocks were off by an hour and we did have time to visit Nashville’s famous Broadway Street. 


Much to the group’s surprise, the gender roles reversed in Nashville. While the girls took to food, the guys were scavenging for the best boot sales. One group was craving a traditional southern cuisine of pulled pork sandwiches, while another dabbled in some crab legs at Joe’s Crab Shack. Two group members picked up some pitas at the Pita Pit, as well.

“If you’re ever in Nashville, the Riverview Barbeque has the BEST pulled pork sandwiches ever,” Lee Daniels says.

The group made some other crazy experiences. Our very own Robert “Bobby” Howard Aloysius DeVenny became a CMT superstar, for example. He was caught on camera donating Alicia’s dollar to people singing for the upcoming television series “The Next Big Country Music Star” and had to sign release forms with the CMT executives. 

“And it wasn’t even my dollar!” Bobby says.

Much to our surprise, we discovered that Elvis has not left the building and can be seen walking on Broadway Street accompanied by a guitar shaped man purse full of five dollar bills. Because Anshawn Ivery did not meet the age requirement – 5 years or younger – he ended up having to pay Elvis to pose in a picture with him.  

After a day in Nashville, we decided it was time to hit the dusty trail and continue on to Alabama. Much to the delight of the group, we decided to stop at The Cracker Barrel for some country grub. After stuffing our faces with oodles of home-style cooking, we then set off to finish our trip to Huntsville.

To pass the time, one van decided that our experiences needed to become a movie. We spent about an hour coming up with actor counterparts. The only rule was that you couldn’t pick your own actor, even though Anshawn insisted on being played by Bill Cosby.

When the “sleepy ha-has” just started to kick in, we arrived at what we thought to be The Holy Spirit Church. However, one group ended up at the wrong destination; the church next door. Eventually we regrouped and found our final destination.

More to come as our adventures continue!

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