C'est Comme Ca'...

Meaning, "It's all good." And in Paris this Saturday, it truly was. Many of our group began the day visiting a typical Parisian market─purchasing fresh fruit and perusing fresh flowers and other wares. 

We then hopped on le autobus for a city tour led by our British-born guide, Julian Brown (No worries─he spoke impeccable French and shared some most interesting tales about the remains of Napoleon!). Google it. We saw the Arc de Triomphe and made our first visit to the Eiffel Tower (And we can't wait to get back Sunday evening for our journey to the top!). The tour also included the Pantheon, where Voltaire, Madame Curie, and Dumas are buried. We even rode over the grounds of the infamous Bastille and viewed the obelisk monument that stands where the even-more-infamous guillotine once stood! (No cake was eaten during the tour.)

What to do, what to do... Half our group explored the Louvre or other nearby museums and several others opted to shop or visit the Paris Opera House (No phantom sightings were noted.). What's that you hear in the distance?  It's Elizabeth Presley ('00/'06) singing a verse of "Masquerade" from atop the Grand Staircase. 

FoodAnother fabulous dinner was had in the ultra-chic Saint Germaine district, in a cafe dating back to the 1700s. Many glasses lined the tables at meal's end -- as Olivia Germany ('02) believes, life is all about making the most of the present. And Roz concurred, "Drink the good wine NOW." Tomorrow holds the promise of not just more time with our Iron Lady, but also a trip to Versailles to enjoy the gardens and Hall of Mirrors. 

Just when one begins to feel safe, even navigating the metro system of Paris, danger strikes in sometimes the most unlikely of places . . . The hotel shower! If over three feet tall, you're sure to run into trouble─banging your knee or elbow (or your knees AND elbows), flooding the bathroom, nearly drowning in the directly overhead water flow, or breaking the glass partition you're pretty sure there should be twice as much of . . . Ah, c'est comme ca─at least we're still in Paris!

Useful French Phrase: Je m'appelle Babette. (My name is Babette.) (Long story; ask Barb Maske, Supervisor of Student Teachers.)

Not-So-Useful French Phrase: Je voudrais un anorak. (I would like a parka.) 


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