Cinema Veritae

Caution: Several, contrived film references ahead! How many can you find??

We started off this morning by leaving Nimes (It's a little town, a quiet village─every day like the one before . . .) and boarding the bus to make The French Connection to Marsailles. No, we weren't seeking for our (Bourne) identities ─we went to retrieve the recovered bag lost yesterday on the TGV. 

Lunch was spent in the village of Aix, beloved city of Cezane. Aix truly marked the spot─for the start of a mostly rainy day. (Sideways rain, big-fat rain, ice-cold rain, sometimes it even seemed to rain upside-down . . .)

Early evening saw our arrival in Nice. We weren't exactly Singing In the Rain on our way to dinner, but we are hopeful that the sun'll come out. . . tomorrow! We were seated right away in our restaurant, even though Frubere, a French bulldog, was guided to his table with great urgency. (Does your dog bite? <No; it's not my dog.>)

A few members of our group stopped to place some bets at the Casino Royale, and we all marveled at the floats left over from Carnivale (Send in the clowns? Why bother . . . They're already here!) and no one walked alone as we passed by another French carousel. 

Back at our Grand Hotel, several guests wanted to be . . . alone! So, we retired for another evening and are grateful to sleep in a bit before our extended tour of Nice tomorrow. 

Useful French Phrase: Demain est un autre jour. (Tomorrow is another day.)

Not-So-Useful French Phrase: Luka, je suis votre papa. (Luke, I am your father.)


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