Twilight in Paris

Our first truly sunny day in Paris─and how appropriate, as we spent the morning touring Versailles, palace of the "Sun King." (Some guy named Louis─there are umpteen of them, so it's tough to remember which one exactly.) Apparently, #14 built extensions to the space by adding rectangular lakes, planting conical trees and circular gardens. He allegedly said, 'Geometry is second only to God.' Well, this all looks great, Lou, but I was told there'd be no math. 

Hello, Marais District! Welcome to "the swamps!" We stopped for lunch, did a brief walking tour and passed the longest falafel lines any of us have ever seen. 

The real thrill of the day came well after sunset─a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower! Every passenger travelled up to the tippy-top, conquering fears of height for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Colleen Sweeney, Professor of Nursing, diagnosed no instances of motion sickness, panic attacks or vertigo. (Tough crowd? You bet we're a tough crowd!) Annie Poluse ('11) met a fellow American atop the Tower . . . Will Paris reveal herself again as the City of Love?? (P.S. He was real cute!)

Monday is a free day to explore Paris one last time; we'll end our stay with an evening cruise on the River Seine before heading to Avignon the next morning. 

Useful French Phrase: Le dejeuner est-il compli? (Is lunch included?)

Not-So-Useful French Phrase: Pouvons-nous y aller a pied? (Can we walk?) 


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