The Weather Is Not-So "Nice" In Nice

Our group began another soggy day in Nice by walking the local flower market─here was another chance to purchase herbs de Provence, local artwork, olive oil and other treats. 

Lunchtime was spent in the medieval village of St. Paul de Vence. Several tour members have received official proclamations of appreciation, and honorary citizenship, from local merchants and government officials due to their on-going efforts to boost the French economy─we are literally buying (and eating!) our way through this place!

We visited a charming monastery, touring the museum and grounds, and ended the afternoon on a truly sweet note - by touring the famed Florian chocolate and candy factory of Nice.  Florian is famous for their candied fruits, crystalized flower petals, jams, honey, and chocolates.  Free.  Samples!!!  Our group delighted in trying the sugared rose and violet petals, sugared verbena leaves, white, milk, and dark chocolate, candied orange peel, and anything-and-everything else in sight.  (How do you say, "Daddy, I want an Oompah-Loompah!" in French?)

Boom! BOOM! Why are all those locals running for the beach? (And should we be running in the opposite direction??) Nope─follow those locals! Who would want to miss the once-in-a-lifetime experience of watching fireworks over the Mediterranean? None of these folks, that's who! What a spectacular show to culminate the celebration of Carnivale in Nice─it turns out the rainy weather worked to our advantage and the display was postponed so that we could take in the lights, the crowds and the music (Opera followed by "Gangnam-Style? Sure, Nice; why not . . .). 

Friday's forecast includes Eze and Monaco. Hopefully the forecast also includes some sun!

Useful French Phrase: Combien les fleurs, Madame? (How much are these flowers, ma'am?)

Not-So-Useful French Phrase: Il faut porter un casque? (Do I have to wear a helmet?)


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