Call Center & Graduate School

Wednesday, May 25

Arise and shine, it is a new day! During the night, torrential rains came and went. The temperature probably lowered to 65® F. The bed is no longer rock hard. It is now gravel hard.

Somehow Donovan and Tom could not make it for breakfast. It is their first attempt at intake control, which will be difficult with all of the excellent food served to us.

Today, we were visited by Radhika Shastry, managing director of RCI, a global timeshare interchange corporation. She invited us to spend some time with her company, observing how call centers function and integrate with their U.S. parents. In addition, she offered to introduce us to faculty members of IMI, an Indian management graduate school. We might even have the opportunity of being a guest in her home.

After a day spent in the business office of the school, Donovan and Tom ventured out to a modern five story shopping center, where they found a Taco Bell, a Pizza Hut, a number of national brand stores, and many jewelry stores, typical for shopping centers all over the world. Donovan noticed a remarkable consistency in clothing and a lack of people trying to make individual statements with their attire.

Donovan and Tom also made their first experience with the Indian version of a taxi, a three-wheeler with the driver in front and a tiny three-seat covered cab section. Think in terms of a modified Vespa or Lambretti scooter. Needless to say, the price is very cheap.

The day ended with rain, a wonderful and hospitable meal, followed by thunderstorms, which endured for most of the night.

- Steve Hotchkiss


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