Comfort is Finally Settling In

Thursday, May 26

We got the first night of “comfortable” sleep during the first night without thunderstorms in our ears. Thunderstorms here are much more intense with longer drawn-out thunder and lightning. Donovan and I purchased pillows the night before to cushion the bedding we were supplied with, which also helped. (As Professor Hotchkiss explained previously, the bedding is similar to sleeping on rocks.) 

The rooster crowed at 8:30 a.m., allowing us to make it into the office by 9:30 a.m. At the office we met with John, the school accountant, who reviewed with us many sections of Tally, an accounting system very similar to Quickbooks. We also learned new areas of the Indian accounting practices. For example, there is no inventory for NGOs. Also, the depreciation rates are calculated based upon the income tax rates, and all tuition payments are made through the “Central Bank of India," which is housed on campus here at Sophia High School but only used by the school for tuition and fees purposes. 

Finally, John introduced us to Lyceran, a system consisting of many different tools, including payroll management, fees management, and student and faculty servers that allow for parents and students to keep up with their grades and work. 

After a hard day of work, Donovan and I retreated to our room to take a short nap, which lasted two hours prior to dinner. Professor Hotchkiss, Donovan and I then made our way to dinner with the Sisters, enjoying another authentic Indian meal. 

After dinner we found our way via "auto rickshaw" to the college district (and YES, Professor Hotchkiss came with us, haha). One thing we experienced was the minimal sense of direction by the natives. We asked many times where the Hard Rock Café was located and only one person out of 10 plus knew where it was located.

In the college district we met a family friend of Donovan’s and found our way to the Hard Rock Café. We found out quickly that the cover charge of 300 rupees was for the live entertainment inside. (Professor Hotchkiss is a classical music connoisseur, and the Hard Rock Café’ wasn’t exactly his joint). I ordered the first American food I have tasted for a week, that being potato skins, and enjoyed a few beverages as we listened to many Western songs. 

As we left, Donovan’s family friends graciously drove us home. 

- Tom McKrill


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