Greetings from Galilee

Greetings from Galilee,

The refrain from the hymn "Holy Ground" is always playing in my head. ”This is holy ground, we are standing on holy ground.” 

The NDC travelers took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.
The NDC travelers took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.  Photo by George Leggiero

One does not easily describe this sacred place, but this morning as we were getting off the boat after a sail on the Galilee Sea, I read an inscription by the Israeli General Yigal Allon. He said, “I believe in the driving force of man’s spirit and in his willpower.” 

We have been surrounded by the manifestation of both God’s spirit and of the spirit of all those who have walked over these lands. This spirit is exemplified by the sacrifices and the willpower of countless who came before us and who still inspire us today: the Israeli people who built their country after countless invasions; the Jews who have suffered greatly but continue to honor the traditions of their strong faith; the many pilgrims from the Abrahamic faiths who travel to visit the holy sites; and those soldiers charged with our protection and freedom so that people can pursue their faith in peace. 


Dr. Mary Breckenridge
Vice President for Academic Affairs


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