Mucho Gusto

There are several Spanish cognates. For example... Restaurant? Restaurante! Stupendous? Estupendo! Mucho gusto...

Much gust?? Nope.

Mucho gusto means, basically, 'nice to meet you' ─ which is just how we feel about lovely Barcelona.

Before we begin our tale of Catalonian life, let's take a moment to ask some key questions about the in-flight happenings:

1. Why is the plane featured in the safety video only half-full?

2. How do I book a seat on that flight?

3. Further, why are the folks in the safety video so calm about putting on their oxygen masks and blowing up their life vests? They seem almost happy to do it ...

And, most importantly,

4. Why is this croissant so tiny? I'm going to need a second croissant. 

We landed in Barcelona, home of the Besos River (the River of Kisses) and met with our "darling" ACIS guide, Deborah. She had us off and running for a day of iconic Barcelona sight-seeing. Gaudi House? Check! Las Ramblas? Double check! We enjoyed our first group dinner and settled in for some much-needed rest before Saturday's plan for a city tour, a visit to the incomparable La Sagrada Familia and an optional concert by a world-renowned Spanish guitarist. 

Indeed ─ mucho gusto ─ we are so happy to meet you, Barcelona. 

Mucho Gusto


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