No Shoes, No Shirt, No TIPPING, No Service


This was the eloquent title of an enlightening YouTube video I had the joy of watching just the other day. The star of this video was the lovely Ms. Sharece Thomas, who has it in her head that tipping her server is optional. If she has a whim to go out to a restaurant and does not feel so inclined to tip her hardworking waiter, she should not have to, Ms. Thomas argues. So she decided to create a six-minute-long video about why she feels this way.

And the Livin’s Easy

The most miraculous thing happened to me the other day.

I woke up in silence, without the persistent wasp-like buzzing of a space heater.   I put on shorts and flip flops. And, most importantly, I did not have to shovel mounds of snow to back out of my driveway. All these small but noticeable changes led me to the most exciting epiphany since my introduction to Starbucks back in 2006: Summer is near.

The Greenest Day of the Year

“I need three bread and two slaw!” 

“Hi! Did you find everything alright today?”

“Can someone run and check for five CB and cabbage?!”

That’s right; it is my favorite time of the year: St. Patrick’s Day. And in Cleveland, it’s go big or go home. So here are some of my favorite things about the greenest day of the year.

The "S" Word

There is one little four-letter word that strikes fear into my heart and those of my fellow Texans.  I have come to loathe this word.  The sheer mention of it will induce spasms of dread. 


The “s” word.  Those puffy white flakes are my worst enemy - for good reason.

When I first came to Notre Dame, native Ohioans warned me of the sheer amount of lake effect snow, but I took no heed of their warnings.  I thought to myself, “How beautiful! A winter wonderland!”