Vegt-ability to be Healthy!

“Zoooooom, Zoooom, open wide! Here comes the airplane, ready to land! Zoooom!”

Your parents may have tried this trick on you when they were trying to get you to eat your vegetables. They put a lot of effort into encouraging you to eat your vegetables, but did you listen?

If you often feel sluggish, tired and sick, don’t blame it on your disgusting friend who sneezed on you! You know, your parents were telling the truth when they told you that veggies are good for you.

Don’t Just Read it…Sponge it!

Are your eyes constantly glued to your textbooks in a desperate attempt to memorize the material? They don’t have to be! There are lots of ways to absorb the material besides reading a chapter over and over again. Here are five convenient ways to sponge in the material: