Get Up and Get Involved

Do you play sports on campus? Are you a part of any organizations or clubs? Are you majoring in sports management, marketing, advertising, communication or public relations? If you are not involved in any outside activities and your major is listed above, you need to become part of Notre Dame’s Public Relations and Communication Club (PR&CO).

What’s Your Value in the Job Market?

 “The more skills you have with social media, web development and system technology, the more marketable you are to an employer.” If you have had a course with Dr. Michael Bloom, assistant professor of communication at Notre Dame College, you’ve surely heard this advice several times.

Keeping Your Credit Cool

As a college student you have surely accumulated a devastating amount of debt through loans and credit card bills. Isn’t it ironic? We spend so much to obtain a career to make more money, but end up in debt that can take half our lives to pay off. 

Well, if you have a credit card that has increased your stress, or if you are reluctant to obtain one to avoid stress, there are a few things you should keep in mind to keep your credit cool.