Twilight in Paris

Our first truly sunny day in Paris─and how appropriate, as we spent the morning touring Versailles, palace of the "Sun King." (Some guy named Louis─there are umpteen of them, so it's tough to remember which one exactly.) Apparently, #14 built extensions to the space by adding rectangular lakes, planting conical trees and circular gardens. He allegedly said, 'Geometry is second only to God.' Well, this all looks great, Lou, but I was told there'd be no math. 

C'est Comme Ca'...

Meaning, "It's all good." And in Paris this Saturday, it truly was. Many of our group began the day visiting a typical Parisian market─purchasing fresh fruit and perusing fresh flowers and other wares. 

Bonjour From Paris!

Salut!  We made it!  Before we talk France, let's talk international air travel...

On Our Way... As Fast As We Can-Can!

Get it?  France... Can-Can???  Start chuckling now; the jokes won't get much better!  Greetings from Newark!  Parlez-vous "Jersey Shore"?

After a quick-and-easy checking-in at Hopkins, we enjoyed an equally quick-and-easy flight to Newark and will be boarding for our overnight flight to Paris within the hour! 

A Once-In-a-Lifetime Experience

Yesterday and today were been jam-packed. We loaded the bus and left Florence very early yesterday morning and started our trek to Rome. On the way, we stopped in the beautiful city of Assisi. Here we toured the Basilica of St. Francis, ate the best pizza I have ever had and marveled at the beautiful views.

Michelangelo, Ticky Tackys & Leaning Tower

Sadly, today was our last day in Florence frown. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Today was especially outstanding due to the educational experience at both the Galleria Degli Uffizi and the Galleria Dell Accademia.

Firenze & Sienna

The last two nights in Firenze, as the locals call Florence, were amazing! When we arrived, I was taken aback by the beautiful Hotel Roma. Shortly after, we took a guided walking tour of the city during which we saw the city’s famous cathedral.

Getting Lost in Venice

Today we traveled to the unique and very beautiful city of Venice. The drive from Lake Garda to Venice is about two hours. The long bus ride allowed our tour guide Marcus to give us an in-depth history lesson of Venice as we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

On the Shores of Lake Garda

Thanks to adrenaline, many shots of espresso and pure excitement, we have managed to have a wonderful day despite having slept less than three hours. After a smooth, but lengthy flight, we landed in the beautiful city of Milan. From there, we met up with our enthusiastic tour guide Markus, who took us to beautiful Sirmione, the pearl of the Lake Garda region, where we began our adventure.

….and we’re off!

After shuffling through security at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, all 34 travelers are excited to get to Italy. We have filled up on bagels and coffee as we anxiously await our first flight to Newark. Kristin Miller, Jen Paglio and I are sitting here brushing up on our Italian. Did you know “a presto” means “catch you later?”