Fond Farewells

Friday, March 4:

Our last day of work dawned upon us with a forecast of thunderstorms. But thankfully it was still warm!

Once we arrived at the work site, everyone was determined to make this last day our best day of work. Most of us continued to work on nailing wooden planks together, while making sure they were flush, of course. We split up into a few small groups because it would take about three or four people to get them just right. It eventually began to rain and Don announced that we would decide after lunch whether or not to continue.

Bruises, Birds and BBQ

Thursday, March 3:

Work day number three begins! Like yesterday, we were blessed with the hard-working souls from Montana to keep this house moving along.

Guidance from the Elders

Wednesday, March 2:

As our second work day started, we learned that our groups would be switched up at our work sites. At our site, there are two Habitat houses being built next to each other; one house is being built by a Habitat group from a Montana church, the other by us. Don, the head supervisor, informed us today that the two groups would join together to work.

The Things That Bring Us Together

One week in Israel. We have seen and done so much, it’s almost impossible to put it into perspective. From the packed streets of Jerusalem and Bethlehem to sleeping in a Bedouin village to shopping in street markets for local spices to the grandeur of Masada to a glimpse of life on a kibbutz – this is definitely a country of diversity and variety. 

“Come Tuesday, We Are Going to Be Served a Piece of Humble Pie”

Tuesday, March 1:

We woke up at the crack of dawn (6:30 a.m.) to eat breakfast and get our lunches together. Everyone ate quickly because we were all excited to get to the site and start working!

A Picnic on the Jordan

Much of modern Israel, with its freeways, shopping plazas and palm trees, feels a lot like California -- until you come across a soldier in uniform sitting at a bus stop. 

This is a country in a constant state of alert. 

Greetings from Galilee

Greetings from Galilee,

The refrain from the hymn "Holy Ground" is always playing in my head. ”This is holy ground, we are standing on holy ground.” 

Welcome to the Big Easy

Monday, Feb. 28:

Today was our day off so we decided to take the hour-long trip to New Orleans, La. It was everyone’s first trip to New Orleans, so we were all very excited to explore a new city.

Meditation on Masada

On Sunday I made the journey to Masada, the mountain-top site of ancient palaces and fortifications in the Judean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea. Thankfully, the cable car made it possible to avoid the winding snake path to the top of the mountain.

Saturday in Jerusalem

Michael and Roz insisted I do this!

Actually, I am only too happy to add my thoughts to Michael’s and Mark’s and Sr. Carol’s. This has been an outstanding experience! In addition to the obvious (or maybe not so obvious) value of a journey through Israel and the Holy Land, the trip has been planned with great precision and creativity by Roz.