It’s Only the Beginning

Some people say waking up is the hardest part of the day. Now we know why.

Today we got a glimpse of the Jacksonville sunrise as we dragged ourselves out of our sleeping bags at 6:30 a.m. After eating a rushed breakfast, we managed to arrive at HabiJax on time – to everyone’s surprise.

Demolition Derby

Today was our first day on the job. We woke up at the crack of dawn and struggled to get out the door. We ventured to downtown Jacksonville and our first stop was at HabiJax, which is short for Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville.

Outrunning the Rain at Coco Beach

After two days of driving to Florida and before we put on our hard hats on Tuesday morning, Monday was our one day off this week. Unfortunately, the weather in Jacksonville was rainy and cold – not what we were looking for. So, in an attempt to find the sun and a warm beach, we headed south. 

Pit Stop in Andy Griffith's Hometown

We're off to Florida! Fourteen of us left snowy Cleveland in two Notre Dame College vans early Saturday morning in search of the warmer Southern climate.

After seven hours of driving, we arrived at our pit stop, the Baptist church of Mount Airy, N.C., which generously offered to host us for the night, to blustering gales and temperatures reminiscent of Cleveland. We kept warm by shooting hoops, playing cards and getting to know one another.

Soak Up the Sun

Does this school year have you feeling a little worn down? Do you think you deserve a vacation? With summer approaching quickly, I’m sure you are like me and have thought a hundred times about where you could go to get away. But if you are the average college student, you’re also probably thinking about the lack of money needed to fund that vacation.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Spring cleaning is in the air. The sweet, crisp wind blows from house to house spreading this fever. I’ve caught it and it seems like everyone has gotten it. Everyone EXCEPT my roommates. I am revolting. I want to see them doing the cleaning—the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room. I am living in filth, the dishes are gross, the countertop is grimy and the rug has to be vacuumed.

Vegt-ability to be Healthy!

“Zoooooom, Zoooom, open wide! Here comes the airplane, ready to land! Zoooom!”

Your parents may have tried this trick on you when they were trying to get you to eat your vegetables. They put a lot of effort into encouraging you to eat your vegetables, but did you listen?

If you often feel sluggish, tired and sick, don’t blame it on your disgusting friend who sneezed on you! You know, your parents were telling the truth when they told you that veggies are good for you.

Last Minute Ideas about Last Minute Ideas

It’s the day you have a blog post due and you still haven’t thought up an idea. The topic is of your choosing, so your options seem almost endless. As you rack your brain for answers, you realize that time is closing in and you need to think of something fast. Unless you’ve figured out how to slow time or you come from a culture that doesn’t use a clock, chances are this has happened to you. Fear not, there are a few simple remedies to cure those suffering from the deadline scramble.

No Shoes, No Shirt, No TIPPING, No Service


This was the eloquent title of an enlightening YouTube video I had the joy of watching just the other day. The star of this video was the lovely Ms. Sharece Thomas, who has it in her head that tipping her server is optional. If she has a whim to go out to a restaurant and does not feel so inclined to tip her hardworking waiter, she should not have to, Ms. Thomas argues. So she decided to create a six-minute-long video about why she feels this way.

Gym Bodies

As an athlete it is important for me to stay in good shape and maintain a high level of fitness. For this reason, I recently joined Urban Active gym in Legacy Village. As gym’s go, it’s pretty impressive. A huge weight section is accompanied by a swimming pool, luxury changing rooms, spinning rooms, fitness studios, a cardio cinema, and day care center where parents can leave their children in safe hands while they work out.