France Trip Photos 2013

Nearly 30 faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Notre Dame College toured France over spring break 2013─nine days, three cities and the Provence and a slideshow of photos for Falcons back home:

What's French for "Pretzel?"

4 a.m.:  Time to finish packing, check out of the Hotel de Flore and fly home.

5 a.m.:  We're off to the airport to prepare for our first flight, from Nice to Frankfurt, Germany.

7 a.m.:  So long, France! 

9 "ish" a.m.:  We arrive in the Frankfurt airport.

There's nothing quite like flying German, and here are a few reasons why:

Le Dernier Diner

Happy Women's Day!  That's right, March 8 is the celebration of Women's Day here in France, and elsewhere in Europe; they typically celebrate by giving women of every age a bouquet of blossoms from the lovely and vibrantly yellow mimosa trees.  (Personally, I prefer a mimosa of orange juice and some French bubbly, but thanks anyhow.)

The Weather Is Not-So "Nice" In Nice

Our group began another soggy day in Nice by walking the local flower market─here was another chance to purchase herbs de Provence, local artwork, olive oil and other treats. 

Lunchtime was spent in the medieval village of St. Paul de Vence. Several tour members have received official proclamations of appreciation, and honorary citizenship, from local merchants and government officials due to their on-going efforts to boost the French economy─we are literally buying (and eating!) our way through this place!

Cinema Veritae

Caution: Several, contrived film references ahead! How many can you find??

We started off this morning by leaving Nimes (It's a little town, a quiet village─every day like the one before . . .) and boarding the bus to make The French Connection to Marsailles. No, we weren't seeking for our (Bourne) identities ─we went to retrieve the recovered bag lost yesterday on the TGV. 

Classy American Tourists!

What has Paris taught us? 

Twilight in Paris

Our first truly sunny day in Paris─and how appropriate, as we spent the morning touring Versailles, palace of the "Sun King." (Some guy named Louis─there are umpteen of them, so it's tough to remember which one exactly.) Apparently, #14 built extensions to the space by adding rectangular lakes, planting conical trees and circular gardens. He allegedly said, 'Geometry is second only to God.' Well, this all looks great, Lou, but I was told there'd be no math. 

C'est Comme Ca'...

Meaning, "It's all good." And in Paris this Saturday, it truly was. Many of our group began the day visiting a typical Parisian market─purchasing fresh fruit and perusing fresh flowers and other wares. 

Bonjour From Paris!

Salut!  We made it!  Before we talk France, let's talk international air travel...

On Our Way... As Fast As We Can-Can!

Get it?  France... Can-Can???  Start chuckling now; the jokes won't get much better!  Greetings from Newark!  Parlez-vous "Jersey Shore"?

After a quick-and-easy checking-in at Hopkins, we enjoyed an equally quick-and-easy flight to Newark and will be boarding for our overnight flight to Paris within the hour!