Become a Falcon Fanatic!

School spirit on Notre Dame’s campus received a sharp wakeup call on a recent Saturday afternoon. The hush tones that feature at many NDC athletic events have been witnessed far too regularly since my arrival on campus in 2006. For this reason, the men’s soccer team called a Friday night meeting to organize the continuation of a lengthy tradition.

With the men’s basketball team scheduled to play Houghton University in a key conference match up at 4 p.m. on Saturday, we decided to follow our soccer predecessors’ tradition by dressing up and supporting the team.

At the meeting we discussed firstly the dress code; we decided upon a combination of flip flops, shorts, dress shirt, school tie and a winter hat of personal preference. Secondly, having studied the opposition roster, we rehearsed a variety of songs suitable for the occasion before finally deciding upon a meeting place.

At 3:30 p.m. the following day over 25 soccer players met in the South Hall dormitories where we began our march across to the Keller Center. We greeted the awaiting crowd, who if at first couldn’t see us, could certainly hear us, with chants of “Oh wonderful...”

A competitive first half with a tight score served to motivate us to raise the decibels in the second period. After halftime refreshments we regrouped for a second half that saw Houghton stage a comeback and take the lead with only seven minutes remaining.

The NDC players responded to the energy and stormed to victory by an eight-point margin. The celebrations spilled over onto the court and we even ended up with the players inside their dressing room. School spirit is most definitely alive in South Euclid and is open to any willing participants! Become a Falcon Fanatic!


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