House Hunting 101

Notre Dame College’s upper class students will be required to live off campus next semester, in a move that will create space for hundreds of new students.

The additions of North and South halls to campus have increased the number of beds on College Road. But with more students set to move in next August, it has become a requirement that people over 21 or those who have more than 60 credit hours have to find alternate accommodation.

Below are some key tips in the hunt for finding the perfect place to live and enjoy the remainder of your college experience.

  1. Don’t panic. There are thousands of properties in the local area and it is inevitable that some will be owned with the intention of letting.  Begin your search with a drive around South Euclid. You will be surprised by how many properties are up for rent.
  2. Search the Internet. Log out of Facebook for 10 minutes and visit sites such as or These can help you locate places in the area in your price range.
  3. The Huntington apartments behind CVS are a great option and have been used by NDC students in the past. Call in and arrange a viewing.
  4. Be prepared to compromise and accept that not every house will match all your criteria when it comes to finances, locality or quality of house.
  5. Find suitable, reliable house mates. Gone are the days when the utility bills and food were taken care off. Finding compatible people is essential in making the most of sharing accommodation.

The task of finding accommodation may seem daunting now, but keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities in the area and you will find a great place to live.


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