What’s Your Value in the Job Market?

 “The more skills you have with social media, web development and system technology, the more marketable you are to an employer.” If you have had a course with Dr. Michael Bloom, assistant professor of communication at Notre Dame College, you’ve surely heard this advice several times.

However challenging and repetitive the teachings of Dr. Bloom may be, he’s right. Employers want the most marketable candidates. Are you one of them? The U.S. Secretary of Labor and the Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) have determined what employers in the 21st century are looking for. Ask yourself five simple questions:

  1. Are you resourceful?
    Employers want individuals who are capable of conducting themselves productively when handling money, time, space, co-workers, staff and other assets utilized on the job.
  2. Do you have interpersonal skills?
    Today, effective communication is essential. In any job you will need to participate in teams, work with diversities, lead, negotiate, serve and teach others.
  3. Can you obtain information?
    You not only need to find information, you have to be able to evaluate, interpret, communicate, organize and use computers to process that information.
  4. Do you understand systems?
    Almost everything today is operated by a system. Employers want people who understand social, organizational and technological systems, and can monitor, correct, improve and design them.
  5. Are you up to date with technology?
    Can you handle equipment, troubleshoot and apply technology to specific tasks? This is essential in nearly every job as technology is constantly reinventing itself and used for productivity.

How did you do? If your self-assessed results were not great, try to work on these five criteria. Today’s highly competitive job market requires individuals to have these skills. Prepare and be prepared to show how valuable you are.


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