Why College?

“Why am I going to college?” This is a question I ask myself from time to time and never seem to settle on a simple answer. Part of me wants to say the obvious: College will prepare me with the necessary skills and a degree to get a decent, well-paying job, which will allow me to live in at least semi-luxury. This answer has been branded into my head since grade school.  This answer seems to suffice for a short while.

That is, until the other part of me makes itself heard. It tells me I don’t have to spent life struggling to achieve an end. I’d miss out on the fun along the way. 

Sometimes I feel like the horse that has a carrot tied to its head dangling right before its eyes, endlessly galloping toward its reward. Yet, that end result never seems obtainable. Even if I graduate, the carrot I’m chasing now will just be replaced with another when I enter the working world.

Maybe there’s a way to settle this internal argument. The only way to do this is to admit to myself that I’ve been lied to about what college really is. I’ve been made a victim of public school propaganda. College is not your only option if you want to get a successful career (although it can help). Instead, college is a place to learn and gather knowledge. To me, that’s rewarding in itself.

So instead of worrying about a degree that will land you a good job, you should realize that taking away new experiences and knowledge is a great reason to be in college.


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