Campus Alert System

In January of 2008, Notre Dame College entered into a public/private partnership with the City of South Euclid and local company, Rochling Glastic Composites to participate in Avtex, Inc’s CityWatch Notification System. Implementation of the CityWatch Community Notification System gives us the ability to notify you in the instance of an emergency or health hazard.

This system allows NDC to send a mass message about the emergency or health hazards with instructions on what to do next. This message can be sent via e-mail, voice telephone, or text message.

All students, faculty, staff, and parents are encouraged to register their landline telephone, cellular telephone, and e-mail addresses into the Campus Alert System database.

In the event we send a notification, you will receive a phone call from caller ID 216.381.0400.

The typical notification will include the following:

  1. An opening greeting identifying the department sending the notification. During the opening you will be asked to press any key to continue.
  2. A main notification or message. Once the message is completed, you will be asked to “press 1 to confirm receipt of the message or press 2 to repeat the message.”
  3. A closing such as “Thank you, Goodbye.”

It is important we have accurate contact information should we need to notify you. Below is an online CityWatch registration form to be completed.

The Campus Alert System will be tested at least once per academic year. The test will come from the same number as an Alert. After the test, an evaluation e-mail will be sent to confirm the receipt of the message, and any inquiries regarding the test. Your assistance in completing the evaluation will assist Notre Dame College in ensuring you receive an alert message in the event of an actual emergency.

The Campus Alert System (CAS) can send text messages to SMS enabled cell phones. Unfortunately, sending a text message from CAS is not as simple as it is from a cell phone. In order to ensure the text message reaches the appropriate phone, two things are required: 1. The correct telephone number, and 2. The cell phone carrier’s text message address.

For example, if your phone number is (216) 555.1234, and your cell phone provider is Verizon Wireless ©, your cell phone text address would be the ten-digit telephone number followed Verizon’s text address, “” All cell phone text addresses are entered without the country code (1) and without spaces, parenthesis, dashes, or periods.

Here’s a list of common cell phone providers. If your carrier is not on this list, please contact your cell phone provider to ascertain the correct text address for your cell phone.  This is typically done by calling 6-1-1 from for cell phone.  There is no charge from Notre Dame College or the City of South Euclid for this added feature; however, standard text messaging rates apply.
Virgin Mobile:

NOTICE: Text message notifications are not available on international telephone numbers.  International telephone numbers can receive voice notifications.

Notre Dame College CityWatch Alert Registration Form
For best results, please fill out this form completely. Since a phone call is the primary contact method, at least one phone number must be provided to be in the system.
AT&T:, Verizon:, etc.)
If you provide your email address you will receive a copy of this form. NOTE: Invalid email address will cause an error. Notre Dame College students, faculty, and staff must use their college e-mail address ( or they will not be entered into the alert system.
By submitting this form, you accept the Mollom privacy policy.
E.g., 07/04/15
E.g., 07/04/15