Sexual Assault

It is the responsibility of each member of the Notre Dame College community to prevent sexual assault. The college offers instructional programs for all students and staff on sexual assault and rape prevention throughout the school year. Residence hall students are encouraged to attend special floor meetings where the issues of rape and sexual assault are discussed.

Under Ohio law, sexual assaults include rape, sexual battery, corruption of a minor, gross sexual imposition, sexual imposition, importuning, voyeurism, public indecency and felonious sexual penetration. Other sexual offenses include prostitution and obscenity. While these crimes are generally well understood, the precise legal definitions are complex. They are fully defined in Chapter 2907 of the Ohio Revised Codes, reference copies of which are available for review at Notre Dame College Police/Security Department.

Any student or employee who believes a sexual offense may have occurred is strongly encouraged to report the matter promptly, and to preserve any evidence. This is the most effective way to insure that a complete investigation is conducted and that, if a criminal assault has occurred, it can be prosecuted effectively. Since the Notre Dame College Police/Security Department is a proper agency for reporting incidents occurring on the campus, they should immediately be contacted at x5212 for assistance. Students and employees also have the option of notifying the South Euclid Police Department (911 or 216.381.1234) regardless of any other action taken or anticipated on the campus.

Other resources that students and employees may find helpful in this situation include:

The Notre Dame College Counseling Center, Sue Lipiec, Director: 216.373.5211 or

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center: 216.619.6192

Hillcrest Hospital: 440.312.4500

R.A.I.N.N.: 1.800.656.4673

The Notre Dame College Sexual Misconduct policy can be found in the Student Handbook in Section 13. 

More information about Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault can be found on the Title IX webpage.

If you are a survivor of a sexual assault, the following steps are recommended: Go to a safe place where you feel comfortable: Find someone you can trust (a friend, Resident Assistant, Graduate Assistant, Director of Residence Life, or Police/Security Officer). Seek medical attention! Your first desire may be to wash yourself, DON’T! Do not shower, urinate, brush your teeth or change your clothes or move anything, as it may disturb evidence.

The Notre Dame College Police/Security Department along with the College administration will assist the victim in examining all options available in response to alleged crimes. More information pertaining to the College’s policy on sexual offenses can be found in the Student Handbook.

Campus Sex Crime Prevention Act

The federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, enacted on October 28, 2000, requires that certain convicted sex-offenders must identify themselves to colleges and universities if they: A) attend classes, B) work on a college or university campus, C) volunteer on a college or university campus.

Colleges and universities are required as of October 1, 2003 to make members of their communities aware of where sex-offenders information can be obtained.

In the State of Ohio, sex-offender registries are maintained by each of the 88 county sheriff’s offices. In Cuyahoga County information on registered sex-offenders can be obtained by:

Calling the Sex-Offender Unit at 216.443.5567 or the Sheriff’s website

After accepting the terms of the Web site, search for Notre Dame College zip code (44121) or desired zip code.


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