November 2012 Parent Guide

November 2012 Parent Guide

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Wrapping up the Fall Semester

A Few Important Things to Keep in Mind

Wrapping up the Fall Semester A Few Important Things to Keep in MindIt sure seems like this semester flew by fast. But before your child can head home for winter break, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Final exams are Dec. 10 to 13. The schedule can be found at NotreDameCollege.edu/academics/course-schedules.

  • The Residence Halls will close at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 13. If students need to stay on campus for extenuating circumstances, they must contact the Residence Life Office first.

  • Students will be able to view their grade report on MyNDC beginning Dec. 21.

  • The spring semester begins Jan. 7. Please note that this is a week earlier than in the past.

  • If your son or daughter has not registered for spring classes, they can contact:

Anna Zaks
Director of Student Advising


Katie McMahon
Director of the Student Success Center

  • NDC’s Administrative Offices will be closed for the holidays on following dates: Dec. 24, 25, 26, 31; Jan. 1, 2.

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Preparing for Finals

Final Exam Week is Dec. 10-13

Preparing for Finals Final Exam Week is Dec. 13As the end of the semester approaches, it is time to begin a conversation with your child about how to prepare for final exams. Early preparation is the key.

Notre Dame College staff and faculty are ready to help students with their preparation to keep stress levels at a minimum and to make this a successful end to the semester. For many students, final exams can improve a grade in a course. Many professors take improvement into consideration when determining a course grade. So it is important for students to see finals as an opportunity to finish the semester strong.

The Student Success Center staff and the tutors in the Dwyer Learning Center are available to help. For courses that have been a challenge, the student should meet with the tutor in that subject area. Sometimes a session with a tutor can make material that was previously confusing understandable. The writing lab with the English faculty members will be available to go over any final papers with the students.

Some other tips that may be helpful to discuss with your student include:

  • Use Good Time-Management Strategies: At the end of the semester it is even more important to make the best use of your time. Students need to set up a schedule to complete all of their outstanding assignments. Write down what needs to be done for each hour of the day. That will help reduce the end-of-semester panic that many students feel.

  • Set Priorities for Study: It is not necessary to study for every final exam the same way. If the final is unlikely to change your grade in the course, spend less time preparing for that exam. Put more effort into those exams for classes in which the grade is borderline –courses where the final exam will determine the grade. Still study for all of your final exams, but use your time wisely.

  • Use the Five-Day Study Plan: Most students have two to five exams spaced within a three-to-four-day time period. Some students have two exams on the same day. Although it is tempting to study for one exam at a time by cramming, you already know that’s not the most effective way to learn. Split your days to use a Five-Day Study Plan for each of your exams.

  • Put Academics First: Put family activities, social events, etc. on hold until after your last exam. You’ll have several weeks between semesters to catch up on things once your exams are over. By focusing your attention on your final exams, you can increase your chances for academic success. Setting goals for special activities or even some rest and relaxation can help keep you motivated through your exams. (Adapted from College Study Skills, Van Blerkom, 2000)

Working together, we can make this a positive experience and a source of pride for all your student has accomplished.

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Home for the Holidays

What to Expect When Your Student Comes Home

Home for the Holidays What to Expect When Your Student Comes HomeFor many of you, winter break will be the first significant amount of time your child will spend with you since leaving for college. The transition back to living at home after a long semester can be challenging for both parents and students.  

During your child’s time away at college, he/she has grown intellectually, has made new friends, has tried new things, and has become a slightly different version of himself/herself than when he/she first started college this summer.

When your student comes back home for break, you can expect some different behaviors than when he/she lived with you last August. There might be tension as you grapple with expectations like rules and curfew. Your student may want to come and go from the house as he/she pleases, including staying out until 2 a.m. He/she might have plans to see friends or go places, while you may have plans to spend some quality family time at home.  

I recommend thinking about your expectations before your child arrives back home and then have a conversation about them. Your student has become accustomed to a new sense of independence this semester, but he/she still needs your support and guidance along the way. It’s only been one semester, there’s still a long way to go.

Check out the article "For freshmen and parents, a new reality: Home for the holidays isn't what it was" from the Washington Post for a more thorough perspective.

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays,

Brian Emerson,
Dean of Student Affairs

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Summer Internships

Now is the Time to Start the Search

Summer Internships Now is the Time to Start the Search

Summer is a fantastic time for students to gain valuable work experience and expanding their credentials through internships. This past summer over 70 Notre Dame College students completed internships for academic credit, some of which are highlighted on the NDC website.

Many majors require that students complete internships during their junior or senior year. It is often easier to fulfill this requirement during the summer months, when students can devote more time and energy to a work site without competing with a full course-load, athletics and other extracurricular activities.

It may feel like summer is a long ways off, but now is the time for your student to begin the search for summer internships!  

Many employers begin hiring summer interns during the winter and spring months, and the more competitive internship programs tend to fill up very quickly. In addition, it is always important for your students to remember that it can take time, even a few months, to search for, apply to, and secure an internship. So it is important to begin the search early!

There are many resources available to help your student with the internship search process. Students should take advantage of the services offered by the Career Services Center, including job and internship search assistance, résumé and cover letter review, and mock interviewing.  

Students should also regularly look on their College Central accounts (CollegeCentral.com/NotreDameCollege) to view internship and job opportunities posted for NDC students and to sign up for upcoming events hosted by the Career Services Center. In addition, students should develop their network of contacts by reaching out to friends and family members, as well as current and former academic and professional contacts.

For more information and resources, visit NotreDameCollege.edu/careers. We are located in the Connelly Center and you can reach us at 216.373.5290 or careerservices@ndc.edu.

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Textbook Buyback

Students Return Books During Finals Week

Textbook Buyback Students Return Books During Finals Week

Notre Dame College students have the chance to sell back their textbooks and return their rentals during finals week. Representatives from the NDC Virtual Bookstore will be on the ground floor of the Administration Building from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 12, and Thursday, Dec. 13.

When your child sells back his/her books during final exam week he/she is guaranteed to get the best price offered.Offering students the opportunity to sell their books back puts cash in their pockets and makes used textbooks available to other students at a lower price.

Factors affecting the buyback price:

  • The textbook is (or is not) used next term: The textbook has a higher value if it is being reused by the bookstore the following semester.
  • The condition of the textbook: Students may get a lower price (or nothing) if their book is in poor condition.
  • The store’s stock-level for the textbook: Students get less if the bookstore is already fully stocked.
  • The demand for the textbook: Higher demand equals higher dollars.
  • Textbook bundles: If a book came with a CD or other component, students need to make sure they sell it back with all of the components.
  • The edition number: If a new edition is pending for a textbook, the textbook may have no value.

Rental Return Information

The best time to return rental textbooks is at the end of each semester during final exam week. Rental textbooks must be returned by the due date, in good condition. There is no other cost. Failure to return by the due date or returning the book in unusable condition makes the student responsible for the replacement cost. If students miss the opportunity to return their rental textbooks during final exam week, they should visit the NDC Virtual Bookstore for details. 

For more information or questions, please contact Kristin Butterfield at kbutterfield@ndc.edu or 216.373.5179.

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