October 2012 Parent Guide

October 2012 Parent Guide

| Priority Registration | Midterms |

| Making Adjustments | Improving Marketability |

Priority Registration

Students Must Work with Advisors

RegistrationPriority registration for the spring 2013 semester will begin on Thursday, Nov. 1. Students must log into My.NDC.edu to see their registration start time. Priority registration will remain open to students through Dec. 13, the last day of the final exam period. These are the registration dates:

  • Nov. 1: Seniors, Honors Students, ASC Students
  • Nov. 5: Juniors
  • Nov. 7: Sophomores
  • Nov. 9: Freshmen

All students must schedule an appointment with their academic advisor and receive clearance to register. Students can find their academic advisor assignments on MyNDC. No student will be granted a waiver of degree requirement or an exception to a policy by pleading lack of information or misinformation from an advisor or other College authority. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that all requirements are met.
Students are encouraged to check the accuracy of their major and personal information as listed on MyNDC. If students wish to change majors at any time, they must visit Student Services and complete a new major declaration form.

Please keep in mind that eligibility for priority registration is limited to students having an account in good standing. Outstanding financial aid matters and an open account balance could interfere with priority registration. If you have any concerns regarding your student’s account, please contact Jim Penko or Jason Lapinski in Student Accounts at 216.373.5213, or log on to MyNDC with your student’s unique login and password information to check his/her status.

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Grades to Be Released Oct. 23

MidtermsIt’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the fall 2012 semester. What does that mean for our students? Yes, it’s time for midterm grades!

Students will be able to view their midterm grades on My.NDC.edu beginning at 12 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Academic advisors will have access to see their advisees’ midterm grades and will discuss their progress during their advising meeting. In addition, advisors will be notified by the Student Success Center if one of their students is failing or in danger of failing one or more classes. Students will work with their advisors to develop an academic plan to improve grades and will be reminded of the many free resources available to them in the Dwyer Learning Center.

While we do not encourage students to withdraw from a course, it is an option for them, if they believe they are not in a position to pass or if they need to focus on improving their performance in other classes. If students are concerned about a particular class, they should meet with their professor to discuss their grade in addition to meeting with their academic advisors. Students have until Friday, Nov. 2, to withdraw from a class.

Please help us encourage our students to take advantage of the resources available to them. With your help and their willingness to put in the work, there is still plenty of time for them to achieve success this semester.

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Making Adjustments

Getting Back on the Right Track

AssistanceWith the first half of the fall 2012 semester completed, your student has reached a major milestone in the course of the semester. We truly hope that your son or daughter has settled into life at Notre Dame College, is carving out his/her niche on this campus, and is enjoying the benefits of an NDC education.

The midterms provide an opportunity for students to get some important feedback about their academic performance up to this point. For most of our students, this feedback is a positive affirmation of their hard work. Yet for others it is a necessary benchmark to note that some tweaking might be required. 

What happens if your student is not meeting the expectations you have set out? What happens if students find themselves in a place where they are asking the question, “Now what?”

At a small institution that focuses on individual success, your student has numerous places at NDC to turn to for assistance with both academic and other concerns.

Have your student to talk with faculty members directly. His/her professors and advisor can help make adjustments to get him/her on the right path. Students can also turn to the Dwyer Learning Center for assistance with tutoring and advising. They should also consider other resources like the Career Services Center to help connect their interests with their aspirations.

Your student may also benefit from talking with one of our staff members in the Counseling Center, who can talk him/her through situations and make adjustments. There are many friendly and open faculty and staff members willing to help your child. You can even send him/her to Dean of Student Affairs Brian Emerson.

The bottom line is that now is the time to make any adjustments necessary to your student’s living and learning environment that will help him/her be successful. We are here to assist your child in this journey. Please encourage him/her to take the midterm feedback seriously and seek any assistance necessary to have a great semester.

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Improving Marketability

How You Can Help Your Child

CareerServicesMany students don’t realize their personal preparation for the job market requires much more than acquiring a college degree. Students who use the help of the Career Services Center are usually the ones who see the greatest return on their educational investment. However, we also know your child has many ways to spend his or her time. Therefore, we need your help in connecting with your child before graduation! So please encourage your son or daughter to take action every year for their career success:

Freshman Year: Explore

Sophomore Year: Decide

  • Register on the College Central Network to create a résumé and a career portfolio, and to find a summer or part-time job.
  • Get involved in campus and community activities to build your communication and leadership skills.
  • Schedule an informational meeting with people working in your career field of interest and maybe even shadow them.

Junior Year: Prepare

  • Explore graduate schools to determine application deadlines and admission requirements. (Plan to apply by fall of your senior year.)
  • Attend career events, watch videos and listen to podcasts about the job search. (Visit the College Central Network.)
  • Update your résumé and write a cover letter, and have it reviewed by Career Services staff.
  • Apply to internships or co-op jobs to gain work experience in your career field. (Most employers expect to see some practical experience before you graduate.)

Senior Year: Apply

  • Attend career events and start searching and applying to jobs. (It may take three to six months to land a job.)
  • Polish your résumé and practice your interviewing skills with the Career Services staff.  (You need to practice!)
  • Network! (Fancy word for contacting like-minded people about your career interests and qualifications.)
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and join GROUPS to create your marketing brand online.
  • Apply to graduate schools before December, if this route is right for you.

Upcoming Career Events:

  • Monday, Nov. 5, 2012: Teacher Job Forum (for education majors)
  • Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012: Government Career Day (for all majors)
  • Friday, Feb. 1, 2013: CareerFest (for all majors)
  • Thursday, March 21, 2013: Northeast Ohio Teacher Education Day (for education majors)

For more information and resources, visit www.NotreDameCollege.edu/careers. We are located in the Connelly Center and you can reach us at 216.373.5290 or careerservices@ndc.edu.

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