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Fall 2015 Registration

Help Your Student Get Ready to Sign Up

Fall 2015 RegistrationPriority registration for Fall 2015 will begin on Monday, March 23. Students must log into (My NDC) to see their registration start time. Registration will remain open to students through May 7, which is the last day of the final exam period.

  • March 23 - Seniors, Honors, Academic Support Center
  • March 24 - Juniors
  • March 25 - Sophomores
  • March 26 - Freshmen

All students must schedule an appointment with their academic advisor and receive clearance to register. Academic advisor assignments can be found on My NDC. Students will not be granted a waiver of degree requirement or an exception to a policy by pleading lack of information or misinformation by an advisor or other college authority. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that all requirements are met.

Students are encouraged to check the accuracy of their major and personal information as listed on My NDC. If a student wishes to change his/her major at any time, he/she must visit Student Services and complete a new major declaration form.

Please keep in mind that outstanding financial aid matters or an outstanding account balance will interfere with your student’s ability to register for fall semester.   Students who have not paid their account in full or who are not current on their payment plan will have a business hold placed on their record and will not be permitted to register for the fall semester.

In order to have a business hold released, students must bring their account to current status or have acceptable payment arrangements in place.  After the student's account has been brought current, the student should contact Student Accounts to review the account and release the business hold.  After the hold has been released, the student will be able to register for the spring semester.

If you have any concerns regarding your student’s account, please contact Student Accounts at 216.373.5213 or  You can also log on to with your parent login and password information to check on your student’s balance and account information.

The Student Accounts office recently upgraded information systems, and the layout of some My NDC pages may be different than in prior semesters.  If you have any questions, direct them to Student Accounts.

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Financial Aid

Access Resources to Make College Affordable for your Student

Financial AidThis is the start of the Financial Aid Office’s busiest season.  For parents, some of the biggest concerns at this time of year include completing the FAFSA, the Verification process and applying for a federal PLUS loan.  Here are a few tips:

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Counseling Center

Help Your Student Stay Focused This Spring

Counseling CenterThe spring semester can be a very challenging time for many college students. If your son or daughter has not done as well as expected during the previous semester, he or she can feel a lot of pressure to get grades up this semester. This academic stress can be overwhelming, especially for first-year students.

Many students also find it challenging to stay focused during the winter months when it is very cold and they would rather be inside their dorm rooms where it is warm.

As a parent you can be helpful by gently encouraging your son or daughter to stay focused on their academics. There are a plethora of academic support systems on campus that your child may benefit from.

We at the counseling center also want to remind you to refer your son or daughter to the counseling center on campus if you feel they are struggling with any aspect of their life. Though your son or daughter may be of legal age, they still may be in search of a nurturing parent to encourage them to keep their academic, social and emotional life in balance.

Don't forget to send them an encouraging text message or email, a fun care package and to be a listening ear when needed.

We are here for you and your student! If you feel your student could benefit from our services, please let them know they can make an appointment by calling 216.373.5211 or by emailing

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Parent Resources

Stay Connected with Your Student and the College

ParentAs a parent of a Notre Dame College student, we value you as an important member of our campus community and a major partner in your student’s success.  With that said, we are updating our parent records!  We want to ensure that the information we have on file is current, so we can continue to keep you connected and engaged to our campus.

To update your information and to see other parent resources available, visit our Parent webpage at - Click on Parent Newsletter and submit your contact information.

We also want to remind you to register for your parent portal account through  With your own account, you will have the ability to view your student’s academic records, financial aid and student account information.  Instructions on how to access and manage this tool can be found on the landing page of

We hope that you take advantage of the great resources we offer to parents and families of NDC students.  Feel free to contact Katie McMahon if you have questions or concerns.

Katie McMahon
Director, Student Success Center

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Other Important Dates and Links:

Important dates:

March 2-6 – Spring break
March 12 & 20 - Internship Orientations
April 9 - Senior Salute

Priority Registration Dates:

March 23 – Seniors, ASC, Honors
March 24 – Juniors
March 25 – Sophomores
March 26 – Freshmen

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