October 2013 Parent Guide

October 2013 Parent Guide

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Priority Registration

Signing up for Spring 2014 Courses Starts in November

Priority RegistrationPriority registration for Spring 2014 will begin on Monday, November 4. Students must log into my.NDC.edu to see their registration start time. Registration will remain open to students through December 12, which is the last day of the final exam period.

Registration start dates:

  • November 4: Seniors, Honors, Academic Support Center
  • November 5: Juniors
  • November 6: Sophomores
  • November 7: Freshmen

All students must schedule an appointment with their academic advisor and receive clearance to register. Students can find their academic advisor assignments on My NDC. No student will be granted a waiver of degree requirement or an exception to a policy by pleading lack of information or misinformation by an advisor or other college authority. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that all requirements are met.

Students are encouraged to check the accuracy of their major and personal information as listed on My NDC. If a student wishes to change his or her major at any time, he or she also must visit the student services office and complete a new major declaration form.

Please keep in mind that eligibility for priority registration is limited to students having an account in good standing. Outstanding financial aid matters and an open account balance could interfere with priority registration.

If you have any concerns regarding your student’s account, you can contact Kevin Raleigh or Mark Chamberlin in the Office of Student Accounts at 216.373.5213, or log on to My NDC with your student’s unique login and password information to check in on his or her status.

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Fall Midterms

Accessing and Understanding Fall 2013 Midterm Grades

Fall MidtermsStudents will be able to view their midterm grades on my.NDC.edu beginning on Monday, October 21. Academic advisors will also have access to see their advisees’ midterms and will discuss their progress during their advising meeting. In addition, advisors will be notified by the Student Success Center if one of their students is failing or in danger of failing one or more classes. Students and advisors will work together to develop an academic plan to improve their grades and will be reminded of the many free resources available to them in the Dwyer Learning Center.

While we do not encourage students to withdraw from a course, it is an option for them if they believe they are not in a position to pass or if they need to focus on improving their performances in other classes. Besides meeting with their academic advisors, if students are concerned about a particular class, they should meet with their professor to discuss their grade. Students have until Friday, November 1, to withdraw from a class.

Please help us encourage our students to take advantage of the resources available to them. With your help and their willingness to put in the work, there is still plenty of time for them to achieve success this semester.

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Student Affairs

Keeping Up the Momentum or Getting Back on Track

Student AffairsIt is hard to believe that we are almost halfway through the semester here at Notre Dame! It seems like yesterday the sun was warm and the trees were full of leaves. We know that the semester is well underway now that a very successful Homecoming is behind us. The days are now turning gray and cold, and students need to keep pushing through what some say is the most difficult part of the semester.

Here are a couple of tips to keep your student on the right track-or get back on the right track-to finish the semester.

  1. Keep going to class: Yes, it is simple but those who continuously attend class perform better over and over again. When it is gray and cold and students wants to stay in bed, we can’t let them. Encourage them to get up and get to classes. They will feel much better after attending courses than they would if they slept through the classes.

  2. Students must read the chapter reviews and do the questions at the end of each chapter to prepare for exams. Students sometimes have a hard time studying for tests. There are several tricks, but the easiest is to reread the chapter summary and complete the practice questions at the end of each chapter. Then before the exam, students should have the answers for each chapter written down to review.

  3. Remind students why they are at college. They are here for a great opportunity to better themselves. That takes effort and personal accountability to get through the middle of a semester. Remind them nothing great was ever achieved without great enthusiasm. Encourage them to attack the rest of the semester with great enthusiasm and a thirst for learning.

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Career Services

Making College Pay Through Internships and More

Career ServicesHow can your son or daughter get the best return on your investment in their Notre Dame College education—a good job and launch into their first career? Go to the College Career Services Center!

Good grades and the right major are important blocks in the foundation of finding a job after graduation. There are, however, other steps students can take to increase their value to potential employers: complete an internship!

Maybe the most important thing a student can do is complete an internship or two—get real world work experience in the field. Many employers look within their own internship programs when they need to fill entry-level positions. That means, if a student does a good job while in an internship, he or she may get a job offer from that organization. And, while an internship could be the foot-in-the-door that a new grad needs, it also gives a student a realistic look at the prospective job, company and career. Jennifer Lowery can help your student with this process; contact her at jlowery@ndc.edu.

While career counselors won’t “place” a student in a job, they teach students the skills that will help them find their way onto and up the career ladder. They teach students how to put together winning resumes and cover letters, to practice interviewing successfully and to dress professionally. They also critique resumes, assist with professional portfolios and field job listings. Plus, career counselors know the employers that hire on their college campuses—they work with them on a regular basis—and can put a student in touch with the organizations looking for new hires. (Adapted from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.) All of these services are free and awaiting your Notre Dame student!

Upcoming Career Events:

  • October 16, 2013: Mini-Job Fair at Notre Dame College
  • November 14, 2013: Government Career Day at Cleveland State University
  • February 7, 2014: CareerFest 2014 in Columbus, Ohio
  • March 27, 2014: NOTED (North Eastern Ohio Teacher Education Day) in Akron, Ohio

The Notre Dame Career Services Center provides several web-based tools to help your student explore majors and careers, find jobs and internships and create professional résumés. For more information and resources, visit NotreDameCollege.edu/Careers. We are located in the Connelly Center and your student can reach us at 216.373.5217 or CareerServices@ndc.edu.

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