School Breaks

Notre Dame College has several breaks throughout the academic year in which students are required to leave the residence halls.  They are as follows: Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Easter Break.  Students are expected to attend all afternoon and evening classes on the day a break begins regardless of the residence hall closing time.  A schedule of the closing dates and times, along with break fees are listed below.

If you live in the residence halls and your class extends past the 7:00pm residence hall closing time, you will be given extended time to stay in the residence halls.  Please contact the Residence Life Office if you have a class that extends past 7:00pm for this extension.  In addition, students who are on “in season” sports team rosters will be permitted to stay over respective school breaks.  This information must be communicated from coaches. 

Students who need to stay in campus housing over these breaks must be given approval by the Director of Residence Life.  Permission to stay over these respective breaks will be only granted to students who have extenuating circumstances.

Students who are granted permission to stay on campus during school breaks will be required to pay the appropriate fees before the start of the break.  Failure to do so will result in the fees being charged to your student account.  Any student who has not received permission from the Director of Residence Life will be required to leave the residence halls.  The process to make a request to stay over any break is as follows:

  1. Submit a written request 5 days before the start of the break detailing the extenuating circumstances that permit you to stay over the break.
  2. Receive approval from the Director of Residence Life that your request has been granted.
  3. Pay the respective break fee prior to the start of the break or instruct us to charge your student account.


Break Halls Close Halls Re-open Break Fee
Fall Break

Wednesday 10/9/13 at 7:00pm

Sunday 10/13/13 at 12:00pm


Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday 11/26/12 at 7:00 pm

Sunday 12/1/13 at 12:00pm


Christmas Break

Thursday 12/12/13 at 7:00pm

Sunday 1/12/14 at 12:00pm


Spring Break

Friday 2/28/14 at 7:00pm

Sunday 3/9/14 at 12:00pm


Easter Break

Wednesday 4/16/14 at 7:00pm

Monday 4/21/14 at 12:00pm



Special Note: Students are expected to attend all classes on the day break begins.  If your class meets past the closing time, please contact Residence Life to arrange for extended time to leave.


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Thursday August 24, 8:00am
Notre Dame College
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